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  1. @ZLOFENIX the problem is the last one: Worst frames 0.0006488. when those numbers go up the server is like freezing. i think is a problem of my isp
  2. i got a question, i opened a server but i'm getting bad frames in BF4 server software. no packet loss at all. there is a way to fix this loss of frames ?
  3. more i look at the kill with the magnum and more i think is cheating, there is none in that position XD
  4. @PsiMera settings are stock, only difference is the reload with "R". i and can do it with mouse too. @B7ackhawk okay i will take a look if discord affect me too, cause yeah i use discord while playing.
  5. Hi all, i'm having problems with bf4, while playing some keys of my keyboard stop work, as example flying with the helicopter the key "a" stop work and i can't turn left. There is a fix to it ? yeah is happening only in bf4, i got latest drivers for keyboard, vga, and no antivirus or some shit, and i disabled overlay of zlorigin in settings. TY.
  6. In panda server we got a big problem called nomoreAVR, he keeps using the votekick command to kick everyone that kills him and keeping call hackers or cheaters with many other insults people like me( KappaID), Toxicisback, Dodeman, Jgwentwort and everyone else. Please do something, he is a pain in the ass.
  7. to increase the tickets ? cause i try a bit but no success
  8. thanks you, in witch file i should put those settings ?
  9. Hi guys, i opened a server in bf4, i would like to know hot to remove the redzone from server, and how to increase tickets of the server and if possible to put infinite ammo for players, or maybe spawn the ammo pouch. Thanks to you for answer.
  10. I'm looking for a way to cap my frame per seconds in bf4, with the option of geforce control panel can be capped but can't enter servers sometimes. There are other ways ? Looked in internet but the methods not working, and found no topic for this with search function in the forum.
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