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  1. yeah but i dont record games due to lag x'd i thought it where for amazing moments lol
  2. Hey boys, in this topic lets post all the wierdest/cursed/what-the-fu**ers/lols u had ever found is battlefield series, you can post any image/video/screenshots that you think is weird here, (requisite: has to be of the battlefield series, for those who don't read) i start whit my SP bf3 campaing xd
  3. at least this topic wasn't forgotten haha
  4. i've tried but to much error (196610:0) even using VPN some days are nicely but others doesn't and it's pretty motherfucker
  5. boy your download speed (393K/Bs) is higher than mine lol (180K/Bs, max 210K/Bs) i want that internet plan boy, but venezuela says NOPE
  6. i had the same problem too, bot now im downloading an already descompressed version of bf4 ill see if it works
  7. hey boi, so any update? how it's going?
  8. random commentary so this thread wont be forgotten
  9. try to manually update every DLC by clicking on "info", then all DLCs will appear, then it will ask you to update, try that to see if works also, check if there's no more downloads in queue. I think if you click the "repair game" button it will send you to auto-update at the end i hope you use google translate xd
  10. hum... good shot mate ill update every DLC thx to zlorigin and ill post if it worked
  11. I'm pretty salty right now... 3 errors in less than 24h wow im impressive any idea of how to solve it? i hav zclient, zlorigin open, green status, good launching but when goes 2/7 closes the BFH and gave me this error altought is my own server thx by advance Sp runs perfectly problem is in MP
  12. thx thxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :) yo tambien hablo español xdddd soy Veneco
  13. Hi buds if anyone here has a already set-up bfh server wanna pass me the commands (_startServer.bat, Startup.txt and Win32cfg)? altought i get bfh_server_final.exe crash when i start it and i have Zserver active and server registered on ZLOemu thx by advance im using R14 files if anyone can pass screen of the files i need thx too
  14. SOLVED!! that vid has the solution to the problem ill close thread, and thx for ur time
  15. Looks like the clean install worked fine, single player starts nicely And then... also it doesn't recognize english lang
  16. 1- waited even 1h 20m ( buying food, washing me, visit, homework, etc) 2- oh k, if i pause the download and there's a power outage, download will save? im re-installing the game, ill try if it can start "clean" (no crack, only zclient and launcher)
  17. Buds, i downloaded BFHL and im using 34H launcher (my fav one) the problem is that i wanted to test singleplayer for config and cuz i want to play it fact is that the BFH.exe process get stuck at 105,380 KB of memory use and don't gets out of there dindt tested the MP i've pasted again crack files, Zclient, Zinstaller, etc,etc. altought other launchers crashes Thx in advance also i dint updated the game trought zlorigin, but that doesn't matter right?
  18. hackers these days .... not even try to go low-profile altought, do not even switching the hacks they use? everyones uses aim
  19. about the vid, wicht program u use to record in fullscreen?
  20. 100% pretty silent that aimbot huh? @ZLOFENIX u know, hit 'n' ban
  21. i wonder why he uses a high rank account to use hack back to the thread 100% ++ @Zloofenix
  22. 100% here goes my +++ @Zloofenix
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