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  1. @ZLOFENIX Also is bf4 campaign assingments (to unlock mp weapons) still unavalible ? If it's so,can you unlock them manually?
  2. I will thankful if you help me to fix this issue so I can keep using 34H beta and play both Battlefields
  3. well I've already used 34H launcher and tried other launchers too,but still got this error . except older version of 34H launcher(Alpha) which I can join bf3 servers via this launcher, but I can't join bf4 servers cause Beta version doesn't need zlorigin and for some reason I can't install it.
  4. Hi everyone! After updating zclient,when trying to join any server this error appears and its not fixable even after reinstalling windows and everything.
  5. Maybe server lagged or your connection delay made this happen.
  6. + Play on lowest possible graphic quality(play on all on low,1024 resolution is the lowest in bf4 as i remmember and put resolution scale on 65.there you go,now you can't see anything ).if it's not enough for you,buy new gpu unfortunetly there is no way to get fps.
  7. Can you explain how does this video connect to Reza? Grow up "babe"
  8. Isn't this game old for this campaign glitches? If you've recorded a rare or funny moment you can send it on below topic
  9. @Noah000 could you please disable nuke command?it makes nuked team lose their vehicles and it destroys vehicle balance and admins wont care about it.and also 1-2 nuke is enough for losing team to cap some flag,but more than 2,makes it funless and players leave the game.
  10. Stats bugs: 1_Vehicles→tank destroyer→unlock(it shows coax lmg when it should show All unlocked) 2_Weapons→RECON Kit→QBB-95(it should be SUPPORT Kit) 3_Surveillance medal→rush ribbon(wrong ribbon item,it should be surveillance ribbon)
  11. + i saw too many wrong stats about knife kills. and also another wrong stat is vehicle stats. "Tank destroyer" class shows "Coax lmg" for next upgrade to unlock when the class is all unlocked.
  12. Another wrong thing is weapons stats,in fact "QBB-95" is a type of LMG,but it shows it on "Recon" class.
  13. I play in no league,do the ban if there is no doubt.
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