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  1. Not cheating. Glitchers have to be reported to server admins,you can use panda server's topic.
  2. It's not enough. I personally have bad network connection and always get insta killed by others,what i'm saying is it might be about hitreg and hitbox issues. I see he is shooting but player is not taking bullets untill all of them get registered at one frame. I'm not supporting any side,just said my opinion.
  3. Well,In fact metro and noshahr are great together.Also tdm lovers help populating metro map which have no fun with players less than 40,but you're in charge and we hope you do the best. Thanks for good job in metro,noshahr,bazaar.
  4. Hey mate.well yeah it opens but nothing works.i use older version like b7ackhawk said.its version 0.115.1184.0 beta.when i update it and...log says nothing to me,it is empty.
  5. I know, i just said the difference between two weapons to who don't know the difference.most of players don't have it so recoil is important for them.
  6. there is something that i can't see in this video,RECOIL.What is difference between aek and ak 12?of course the gun will not effect on the aim while there is no recoil.
  7. @ZLOFENIX Also is bf4 campaign assingments (to unlock mp weapons) still unavalible ? If it's so,can you unlock them manually?
  8. I will thankful if you help me to fix this issue so I can keep using 34H beta and play both Battlefields
  9. well I've already used 34H launcher and tried other launchers too,but still got this error . except older version of 34H launcher(Alpha) which I can join bf3 servers via this launcher, but I can't join bf4 servers cause Beta version doesn't need zlorigin and for some reason I can't install it.
  10. Hi everyone! After updating zclient,when trying to join any server this error appears and its not fixable even after reinstalling windows and everything.
  11. Maybe server lagged or your connection delay made this happen.
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