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  1. Isn't this game old for this campaign glitches? If you've recorded a rare or funny moment you can send it on below topic
  2. @Noah000 could you please disable nuke command?it makes nuked team lose their vehicles and it destroys vehicle balance and admins wont care about it.and also 1-2 nuke is enough for losing team to cap some flag,but more than 2,makes it funless and players leave the game.
  3. Stats bugs: 1_Vehicles→tank destroyer→unlock(it shows coax lmg when it should show All unlocked) 2_Weapons→RECON Kit→QBB-95(it should be SUPPORT Kit) 3_Surveillance medal→rush ribbon(wrong ribbon item,it should be surveillance ribbon)
  4. maybe you right but i had no problem for quiting game before finish round.
  5. + i saw too many wrong stats about knife kills. and also another wrong stat is vehicle stats. "Tank destroyer" class shows "Coax lmg" for next upgrade to unlock when the class is all unlocked.
  6. Another wrong thing is weapons stats,in fact "QBB-95" is a type of LMG,but it shows it on "Recon" class.
  7. I play in no league,do the ban if there is no doubt.
  8. This topic is about to go deeper and deeper, stop talking, it won't help.its a Duel between Demyan74 and DOMINO. another video from one of them can explain he's cheating or it was bug of spectator and he's clean,and there won't be doubt about it. Zlofenix have to decide ban him or give him a chance to bring proof,so we should wait.we can't do anything further than this.
  9. Dude,no one deserve ban if did nothing wrong,another video needed at this situation.
  10. Maybe.another video proof needed.
  11. yes.i ve got this error before.i tried many times until it just started to downloading.
  12. And i personally think for add those things we need a Dice worker account who have those things on his log so Zlofenix can replace it with our accounts.
  13. We talked about this thing.(i thought we can add them like coop weapons but after using zlorigin i found out i'm wrong cause coop weapons are added by shortcut kit) You can check topic,there is a list sent by Zlofenix,but i didn't understood what he said about that list.
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