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  1. Buenisimo! culaquier cosa me etiquetas bro!
  2. Hi I hope I can help you. BFH Files.rar
  3. Name: Adam_K Hack Type: 1 shot kill Server: Pycckuu [2XP] Pycckuu CEPBEP>>NOSHAR CANALS & METRO<< (He was already banned by an administrator) If someone has more evidence I would like to share it. thanks
  4. Do you find enough evidence to ban someone? your video is crap sorry :|
  5. From now I warn you that Garry will sanction him for posting in the place of the forum where he shouldn't. so he won't be able to comment for 24 hours. usted debio publicar aqui https://zlogames.ru/index.php?/forum/234/
  6. You got frustrated and I understand you. "Ganguteli" must be happy right now. but you don't need hack to be better than others just practice. sorry what happened to you
  7. I knew something was wrong with this guy. just out of curiosity what is that discord?
  8. 1. Ncikpops 2. 1 Shot Kill hack 3. [2XP] Pycckuu CEPBEP >> NOSHAR CANALS & METRO << 4. Ping 244
  9. I regret not understanding what they say when they speak in Russian. but this morning I could see the cheater's name on the bans list. Congratulations to all who provided evidence and made this possible. and LUTERBACHER his meme is the best of this post
  10. Try installing original origin. and deactivating origin in game
  11. Why is Zlofenix not answering about this?
  12. I have been playing in Zlo since 2014, I am rarely wrong when I say that someone is a cheater, that does not mean that I am always right, but I can instantly realize when someone is presumed to be a cheater or a very good player. The player's behavior is not someone who knows how to play. He likes trolling all the time, he doesn't know how to equip weapons, he doesn't play as a team, he changes weapons every time and class. My verdict (personal opinion): can it come from origin? yes he can. Can you be a good player? maybe but it doesn't play as one. Do we have enough evidence?
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