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  1. No dialogue sound

    Alright, I will remove the game and reinstall it through Zlorgin, I had it torrented.
  2. No dialogue sound

    Thx guys, appreciate all the help!
  3. No dialogue sound

    Hi I recently realized I don't have dialogue sound in multiplayer, I don't hear people yelling grenade and spotting anymore. Anyone got a clue?
  4. EricPlayZ

    Dude is ruining the game
  5. Server/Game crashing on switching maps/when joining

    I have them all installed, all maps are available, guns and assignments
  6. Hi, I have already asked that question on the discord group multiple times, and was told that no one could help me, but I'm not losing hope, so here it goes Sometimes when I join my server (with people on it, and sometimes without) the game suddenly closes down on the loading part right before the loadout screen and everyone gets kicked out of the server, but the server still runs. That also happens when switching or loading maps. I have tried a lot of things which none of them succeeded like: Running the bf3_server_final with administrator privileges, starting the server from complete 0, messing with router settings, disabling the router firewall and disabling all possible anti viruses on my pc. so yeah, if there's anyone that knows what might help here, you're pure gold
  7. startup.txt doesn't change in-game

    Hey now that I got my server running, my only issue now is that whenever I change values in the startup.txt, the changes do not appear in-game. I want to change the amount of players needed to start a round to 1. Also when I try to change it in Procon it resets back to 4 or something. Procon also resets the server settings by every restart
  8. Master Server: Not Connected

    Case closed, I got the server running
  9. Master Server: Not Connected

    That's the whole thing
  10. Master Server: Not Connected

    Here's an image of my .bat file. It is the same on the zloemu website where I registered the server.
  11. Master Server: Not Connected

    Yeah that I know, figured it out but my only problem now is the OFFLINE game-state. My anti viruses are all disabled and server registered (on bf3) of course
  12. Master Server: Not Connected

    okay i actually re-downaloaded eveything and now I came to the part where it says that my game state is offline. And still wrong auth data, antiviruses disabled and server registred
  13. Master Server: Not Connected

    i use r40
  14. Master Server: Not Connected