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  1. Game: Battlefield 3 Name of the server : Pycckuu CEPBEP-TDM Name of the cheater: EricPlayZ Types of hack: sometimes aimbot sometimes one shot hack Proofs: Thanks to 4rch3r for screenshot
  2. 3 people recorded the same thing,this is no coincidence,the second kill in video is blatant one shot. could be a smart cheater? switching between aimbot and one shot hack to avoid suspicions?
  3. Yes,you are right,we must be 100% sure before accusating someone,that's why we posted these videos here,thanks for your opinions guys,hope this topic can help other people in future.
  4. No we would never ask our friends to post in a topic just to support us,all comments were 100% legit by their own will,we are not liars. I understand it's hard to trust people because there are so many trolls and liars around,but honor is a very important quality for us.
  5. Well yes,Archer plays with high ping (235) while the suspect cheater had low ping (35) ,but I have low ping too (90),at begin I too tought it was a ping delay or something like that,what changed my mind in the end was this I have 90 ping in this video and the suspect cheater 35 there were several people in server with very low ping (7-25-37 etc),the suspect cheater was the only one killing in one shot like this
  6. Name of cheater : lIM68Il Server : Frag Square 3 Proofs : 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
  7. Yes,is a cheater,the video shows all,thanks for reporting this liar. @PLASCO
  8. no,sorry we need better video with better situations,thanks for posting anyway we'll keep an eye on him
  9. @4yk4a @4rcher @heavenbeast and me are the admins in frag servers,you have been votebanned by other people,we are really sorry for this misunderstanding,you and your friends will be soon unbanned,we know you are good and experienced players.I saw it too sometimes in server,people love to voteban and they don't care if a player is innocent or not. Do you remember which player started the voteban? Was someone complaining about you?
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