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  1. Проблема в том, что так можно избавится от всех вообще, было бы желание.
  2. Just run zinstaller in game folder and run from zclient without zlorigin.
  3. Запускай игру с зклиента без злорижина. Вроде отключение от инета не влияет на игру.
  4. Скачал, установил - значит уже можешь запускать с зклиента без злорижина вообще.
  5. You cant differ bf3 and bf4? In bf4 2xp forbidden as i writed. Ip unblocked.
  6. Well if you cant read log - there is nothing to help with, because you not doing needed things.
  7. ALSO if game downloaded from our torrent - you already have all packs, run from zclient, without zlorigin.
  8. Told you - clear zloorigin cache, not remove zloorigin, clear cache, 2 magic words in forum search will result tons of replies how to do it and with what.
  9. Why its so hard to look into zclient and see what it writes?
  10. About touchup - you doing something wrong, i dont know what and why. Wanna shot in your leg - ok, but why then you asking help here after it? What in zclient log?
  11. And what in zclient log when you run game from it?
  12. Обновил в каком смысле и как?
  13. Wrong. If runned from zclient - zlorigin not needed. And what you did with touchup - wrong too, all files must be our or it will be your problem, because you changed it. Updating - no, only thing i can do with it - make own downloader and client and im working on it, long ago.
  14. Clear zlorigin cache.
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