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  1. No @Zooke, im just saying that a backup would be good so it wont happen again
  2. That's why i'm asking, if i did i would make my own!
  3. can we start making a backup now then? is it fixed?
  4. @Bigworld12 I wonder when you write something here you get disliked.
  5. I know the difference between there may be and there is @Zooke ! Thank God I know my English! I'm sure it will be fixed soon in any case.
  6. Nice to know that this is An accident and not everyone cheats or play on > 2xp servers. It will be fixed soon.
  7. Myth29


    Duomo, MIlan! One of the best churches i've seen. So artistic!
  8. Myth29


    @TheMarksman Lovely pictures amico! Bella Italia! As always! Did you took them?
  9. Myth29


    It doesn't have to be only weather. Also scenery photos are welcome. If you have anything like it, please post it. Privet and good morning to Photo from Pelion, central Greece last year
  10. Myth29


    I'm starting a topic about weather pictures and videos. Hope everyone likes it. This is my capture of lightning In Greece where I live
  11. Asking again if there is a topic on weather or if i can create one!

    Admins, mods, help! :)

    Good morning to all!

    1. Aim4kill


      Yes you can make a mod, i think  because greenpnz did it.

  12. Is there a topic on weather???

    Or can i create one?

    Mods and admins a little help please! :)

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