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  1. Guys is there any way to install ZLO bf4 by using the files from latest origin bf4 game? Any help would be appriciated. It gives this error currently.
  2. oguzhanyediel using aimbot in rus all unlocked server aimbotting
  3. Ok.. who's the owner of this server https://bf3.zloemu.net/servers?id=1064
  4. people involved. CCCP clan, @Atmospheric-- @M_A_V_E_R_I_C_K @J-virus @MohZay
  5. I was playing with friend on mentioned two maps while we won with teamwork. Then these players got salty so started to baserape and continued to do so for 2 maps despite warning. They still are while writing this. I hope you will teach them a lesson. @ZLOFENIX @Bigworld12 https://youtu.be/mLoTJIKjx5w https://youtu.be/-WlDDoH_89M https://youtu.be/EZ4YcBqbLC4 https://youtu.be/_9TKnN0czgg https://youtu.be/FGMmiTliEds https://youtu.be/ZUMh_sXJEmg https://youtu.be/FOLLBXDac8U https://youtu.be/Do5hpi6XU7k https://youtu.be/zL9RAqEXHaQ
  6. Hello Admin. Its me Typhoon Spank here. I m not russian. i dont understand that. Ive been playing zlobf3 for almost 4 years. Ive always played fair and square. I didnt get any warning or punish from the server admin that i could understand as i can not understand russian. ive seen players playing on the same roof that is why i used that glitch. and i dont remember them getting banned. if i knew it wasnt allowed or i knew the warning i wouldnt have done that. But resetting the stats directly is a little harsh.
  7. Thank God... Please please please fix it @ZLOFENIX..For the Community and us.
  8. And i didn't join any such boosted or high xp server. I play on wyd server MOST of the times.
  9. Just read your reply. Its good to hear from you. But I have not done lvl145 in less than 6 days. Probably all of us earned it with a lot of time. I played for more than a year to reach this. Please help.
  10. Either way i didn't join the boosted server now or before.
  11. And why would i do that i was already lvl 100+
  12. Nope. Never. I didnt play game for 2 days and this happened.
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