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  1. QUS4I


    nice catch mate, this guy is the worst admin in zlo and now caught breaking rules ! irony! the reason why zlo isn't attractive to players anymore is admins like this noob, alot of pro players got banned and left zlo just becoz of him. if he kills you he is happy, but if you kill him you got banned + for stats WIPE
  2. QUS4I

    aliwa77 - oneshot aimbot

    ---STANSFIELD--- is the biggest camper in bf3 history everyone knows that, he always camp with pkp on bipod in corners but he is not a hacker FFS you little noobs are the reason why players are getting banned unfairely on ZLO..you die you start voting and begging admins to ban people man the f** up guys !! and stop complaining like little gilrs..get skills or keep dying on the field thats is bf3 !
  3. QUS4I

    aliwa77 - oneshot aimbot

    accuracy 8% and K/D 3.37 nothing to cry about..just move on
  4. QUS4I

    battlefield 2 project?

    amen to that ! damn man !! i still remember NRNS and WYD servers back to the glorious days of battlefield 2.. !
  5. QUS4I

    battlefield 2 project?

    well..sadly it is shutted down by Electronic Art's i quote from their e-mail : " ....please stop distributing copies of our game clients and using our trademarks, logos, and artwork on your sites. Thing is, your websites may easily mislead visitors to believe that you are associated or affiliated with EA - we're the only ones that get to wear the "Official EA" dog tag. Since you're Battlefield community members, we know that you are smart and helpful, and will respect that we must protect our intellectual property rights in the franchise....." so even with GameSpy shutted down they didnt let other developpers to revive that beautiful game and thats a sad thing knowing that bf2 will stay IMO the best battlefield game ever made till now (coming from someone who played all the battlefield games "from battlefield 1945 to battlefield 1"). i hope one day this game will be revived by your team..till then..have a good day yall. cheers
  6. QUS4I

    battlefield 2 project?

    just a question if i may ask you guys.. is it in your agenda to start a project of reviving battlefield 2? excuse my question but i'm sure there is here some of you who enjoyed that game as much as did along time ago.. maybe some of you know there was a project back in 2016 or 2015 by "revive network" and it was a great succes that gathered almost 1 million player !! but EA has shut it down check this link : https://battlelog.co/ so i think it will get a huge succes again that will brings back a nostalgic great memories..if it starts again with all the respect..cheers
  7. QUS4I

    ClanWar invitation

    this is an invitation for a (4 vs 4) clan fight (maps : bazzar + metro) players are : [AST]Archer [AST]huseeingamer [AST]Morethan1200rpm [AST]BetterThanBan if you guys willing to play please post here your clan fighters and we will be fixing the fight conditions in private messages or discord have a good day yall
  8. QUS4I

    Is this guy hacking?

    can you show us what you have?..nothing...all you do is dying and crying so dont call people pussy when you are a supreme pussy mate ;) you just can't accepte that someone is better than you??.. competition doesn't mean "you kill me 3 times i will ban you :)".. it means : fairplay and accepting defeat when someone kicks your ass once again please dont call people noobs when you are a real noob i dare you both to post the best game play you have recorded instead of crying and insulting players who are better that you .. ps. brendo for once be a man : answer this post and dont delete it lol mahoo445 please dont cry