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Error on trying to open Diablo 2 Resurrected

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1 hour ago, ZLOFENIX said:

Then read blz-log.

it says:

12/28 17:01:24.280  [tact/4] [<>:0]: Unable to stat install path: 'e:/Jogos/Diablo.II.Resurrected-ZLOE/Diablo II Resurrected/.build.info'. Error (2): O sistema não pode encontrar o arquivo especificado

(translation: The system could not find the specified file)

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On 12/29/2021 at 4:56 AM, ZLOFENIX said:

If from torrent - dot in file name can be _, rename. Or you downloaded something wrong.

Thank you. It worked. Now my problem is that the game doesn't run on outdated graphics driver, and my notebook retail doesn't provide any updated drivers, so that's with the game... thank you for your help.

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      Hii! Ive uninstalled my game in order to install it on an external drive and it wont start downloading. Ive opened and closed zlorigin/zclient and my laptop like 10 times and the only thing that solved is that 60mb got installed with a speed of 160kb/s and then it stopped again. Before uninstalling and installing again I accidentally pressed "repair" and then quickly cancelled it and now it says "paused repair" instead of just "queued" on the game expansion packs, just in case that helps with finding the problem. Also, ive read the FAQ and tried going for the torrent but ZLOTracker is closed.
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      Установил игру через ZLOrigin, но после завершения установки, кнопка установить не меняется, а если на нее нажать идёт несколько секунд загрузка и ничего не происходит, несколько раз переустанавливать игру и приложение, но ничего не изменилось
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      Играл больше недели,теперь не могу зайти, ни за одного героя.

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      В общем то все устанавливается правильно. скачивается дьябла , а когда запускаешь выдает такие ошибки (номера естесно всегда разные)
      Проблема не у одного меня. Решения нет. может тут чем поможете.
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      Hello, i found this site on that other forum via Fenix's post.
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      ZClient seems to be working properly, i can login and no errors at all, it says "Auth success as.." so i don't know what i did wrong.
      I followed the instructions Fenix gave in that other forum, but i can only create an offline character and in the online section there is a SelectOffline named sorc. I can enter with it to the lobby, but i don't see others.
      Can i get some help with this? What did i do wrong? How can i make online play work?
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