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zlorigin Message Of The Day Error

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I just recently downloaded zlorigin and the zclient. I've done everything correctly, and even turned off my antivirus to try and get it to work properly. Every single time I try to open zlorigin, I get the regular origin login screen, and then a little popup window that says "Message of the Day. Windows XP or Vista users: due to a security update, you need the newer version of the Origin client to continue. Please uninstall your current version then install the update available (using Chrome or Firefox only) at" and then it gives me the link to origins download page/ When I exit out of this popup window, the login page says "Online login is currently unavailable." I tried logging in using my ZLOEmu login info, and it tells me I need to be online to login for the first time. I'm running on Windows 10, so I'm not sure why I'm having this problem. I've followed all the steps and help I've found online and nothing works. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to have the actual origin installed or not, because I don't. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me. I've included a photo of the popup window, and the origin login window, in case that helps.


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EDIT: I got everything to work properly. I uninstalled and reinstalled everything a few times until it began to work. Now I'm having a new issue. Either the zclient will crash, causing the zlorigin window to also crash, or just the zlorigin window will crash. There is never an error message that pops up. They just close. 

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8 часов назад, ciarrac сказал:

EDIT: I got everything to work properly. I uninstalled and reinstalled everything a few times until it began to work. Now I'm having a new issue. Either the zclient will crash, causing the zlorigin window to also crash, or just the zlorigin window will crash. There is never an error message that pops up. They just close. 

it crashes while downloading?

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      Hi I keep receiving this error. When I try to download the sims 4, it gets stuck on preparing download stage and this error shows up after awhile. 

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      пишет что 
      При входе в первый раз вы должны быть в сети.

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      as the title said, it's urge me to "please choose 'yes' when windows prompts you blablabla..." when try to download bf4, but there is NONE of any window prompt appear, and it just give me blank situation..
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      actually i just want to download bf4 through zlorigin for just my game data validation tricks, i want to download bf4 but i will pause it at 2% and i will temper the download directory with my bf4 zlo data, and re verify game data in zlorigin.. i've done this with my previous bf4 zlo installation and it just runs fine.. but this time the error happened..
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      Не могу зайти в приложение ZLOrigin, я включал впн, менял ip адрес, пробывал новый аккаунт, чистил файлы через .bat выключал антивирус, чистил протокол сети, запускал от имени администратора, устанавливал directx, visual c++, но у меня вылезет 2 ошибки: 1.Войдите в сеть чтобы первый раз войти в аккаунт. 2. СЕТЕВАЯ АВТОРИЗАЦИЯ ВРЕМЕННО НЕ ДОСТУПНА, а еще при входе в приложение несколько раз у меня вылетает критическая ошибка приложения: столкнулась с серьезной ошибкой и будет закрыта. 
      I can't log in to the ZLOrigin application, I turned on the VPN, changed the ip address, tried a new account, cleaned files through .bat turned off the antivirus, cleaned the network protocol, ran it as an administrator, installed directx, visual c++, but I will get 2 errors: 1. Log in to the network to log in to your account for the first time. 2. NETWORK AUTHORIZATION IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE, and even when I log in to the application several times, I get a critical application error: it has encountered a serious error and will be closed.
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      Hi everyone, 
      it's been two days since I've been trying to run zlorigin to update the sims4, the game runs without it being opened, but zlorigin just crashes constantly, even though I follow the opening steps precisely. (run zclient first, and from there click the button 'run zlorigin')
      I followed every step suggested in the FAQ already, including running the bat file to clear the cache, check the compatibility settings, I even tried to unistall and reinstall everything, but everything still won't function..
      I hope someone can help me!:)
      Thanks in advance for everyone's support, I'll attack some screenshots from my last attempt

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      Эта ошибка при попытке скачать любую игру, может ли мешать оригинальный ориджин? Просто не охота его удалять, потом опять файлы проверять для бф.

      upd: поправочка, ошибка 196613:0
      пойду гуглить чо как

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      So I recently downloaded ZLOrigin to download Battlefield 4, and I found something that interested me. Battlefield 3 was shown there, and it was claiming that I had an update for the game. I decided to update the game, but after verifying the game files, a message popped up and told me that Windows had blocked the update and I would be prompted whether to carry on or not. I waited for a few minutes but nothing came. Next, I tried to update it with the antivirus and firewall disabled, but got the same result. Same thing happened when I tried to download Battlefield 4 as well. Why is this happening, and is there any way in which I can fix this?
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      when I click on "Run ZLOrigin" in ZClient it says "Can't run ZLOrigin2" and "PreAuth origin.exe OK" and I can't run zlorigin. How do I fix this?
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