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  1. EDIT: I got everything to work properly. I uninstalled and reinstalled everything a few times until it began to work. Now I'm having a new issue. Either the zclient will crash, causing the zlorigin window to also crash, or just the zlorigin window will crash. There is never an error message that pops up. They just close.
  2. I just recently downloaded zlorigin and the zclient. I've done everything correctly, and even turned off my antivirus to try and get it to work properly. Every single time I try to open zlorigin, I get the regular origin login screen, and then a little popup window that says "Message of the Day. Windows XP or Vista users: due to a security update, you need the newer version of the Origin client to continue. Please uninstall your current version then install the update available (using Chrome or Firefox only) at" and then it gives me the link to origins download page/ When I exit out of this po
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