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Help ZClient Autoupdate error 1 Zl

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This morning i was playing Sims 4 like normal, but a few hours when i tried to log in again suddenly zclient wont autoupdate. It says Autoupdate error 1 Zl. I have already tried deleting the files and downloading again, also deleted zlorigin, i already made an exception for all the files, i dont have origin installed so it doesnt show up on task manager, rebooted my pc, i tried logging in with an alternate account, i checked and the name of the file is correct and theres no other file in the folder with it, i dont know what to do. im getting a little desperate here :( 



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If you use Windows defender, update it, and if it doesn't help or you use any other av, add the hidden folder C/programData/ZLOEMu1 into exceptions

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that worked!! thank you so much!! 

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    • By ilamomsen
      recently, when i tried to update the sims 4 the download blocked like after 5 minutes as there was no internet connection and then zlorigin bug and closes. 
      I tried to unistall everything but now i have the same problem and i can't install the sims 4.
      I have windows 10 and disabled antivirus and firewall, why? Before it worked perfectly.
    • By puccci
      I open the ZClient and ZLOrigin just fine but whenever i try downloading Sims 4 it just closes. 
      I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting my notebook and nothing worked. 

      (i do have my antivirus and firewall disabled).
    • By healerhg
      Здравствуйте, разрабы. Недавно начались беды с симс 4. После обновления и первом запуске игры выдавало такую ошибку (прикрепляю ниже). Гуглю в инете что это за идиотия. Очистила  кэш злоориджина,  потом и вовсе переустановила зклиент и злориджин, на компе нет никаких антивирусников, обновила по игры. Вообще доходили ручки до устранения неполадок игры непосредственно в злоориджине, но опять чудо не произошло. Потом и вовсе удалила игру, скачав заново  ток базу.  Запускаю - снова эта ошибка. Что вообще делать и как с этим жить? 

    • By RayP
      Года полтора назад симс 3 перестал запускаться (раньше все нормально работало). Переустанавливала. Без модов. Без и с дополнениями. Обновляла драйвера, многие другие программы. Сейчас вспомнила, заново установила (без допов) и проблема не решилась. Перечитала кучу форумов, чего только не побывала, но может у кого нибудь есть идеи?
      Win 7. Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz. ОЗУ 8 гб. NVIDIA GeForce
    • By michelex
      Basically when I try to download every games, the client after a bit shows me the "ZLOrigin.exe stopped working" problem. This problem comes also with the download speed drop. Somebody knows how to fix it?
    • By Mcarreras
      Tenía los sims 4 ya descargados con todas sus expansiones, fui a actualizarlos y no me dejó. Desistale todo y ahora no me deja instalarlos nuevamente desde zlorigin me aparece que están en cola y nada más. 
    • By Eugenia305
      I had the game installed with the zlorigin but as soon as a new update of the game came out I could not update it. The download shows that the download speed is zero, sometimes the zlorigin and the zloemu closed by themself. I don´t know what could it be, I uninstalled everything and trying reinstalling but now i can´t even download the game.

    • By leem8
      ZClient keeps closing all the time.
      I already uninstall everything, delete cache, data, ALL and it keep closing all the time.
      It close and close ZLorigin when I try to update/instal The Sims 4
      I do not know what to do anymore.
    • By MadaraMost
      this is message i got from launcher me and my brother playing in the same pc:
      Game run StateChanged State_GameRunning StateChanged StateChanged State_NotLoggedIn State_ClaimReservation 0 StateChanged State_NotLoggedIn State_ClaimReservation 0 StateChanged State_Connecting State_ClaimReservation 637034 StateChanged State_Connecting State_ClaimReservation 637034 StateChanged State_GameLoading State_ClaimReservation 637034 GameWaiting 637034 StateChanged State_Game State_ClaimReservation 637034 Alert 0 24 -1 PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player 'Jamel_ALG' ... GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN e30442f9 StateChanged State_GameLeaving State_Sparta 637034 StateChanged State_GameClosed i noticed that Alert 0 24-1 PunkBuster i tried every solution i know and on youtube or EA help but nothing helped me.
    • By AiriTan
      Добрый день!
      До последнего обновления всё было прекрасно, обновлялось скачивалось без проблем. Сейчас же при попытке обновиться, через какое-то время ориджин вместе с Zclient просто закрываются без выдавания какой-либо ошибки.
      Как решить проблему?
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