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Enabling FOV ADS scaling in BF3

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Unfortunately, I tried it in noshahr and it did not work (instantly crashed the game).

After contacting the mod developer, he explained that it will only work on certain servers, namely bazaar servers with "5v5" in the name, to prevent people from cheating with his mod (he said it will remove suppression, spread, improve colors as well). I was unaware about the mod including nospread, but I guess it is a cheat in that case.

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I'm trying to run bettervanilla only, it crashed in noshahr too

maybe I have an invalid Settings.ini file?

I used the one which came with BFM.exe


1nt1c4t10n 13:44

Because the mod is not accepting your server. Join a server that have a valid server name. That server should work: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/de/servers/show/pc/0b2c02ac-43ad-40d0-8e4c-181d01920429/BFLAG-5x5-SMAKDOWN-PW-kurwa/


You 13:45

okay, I will try it

does this mean that bettervanilla can only be used on certain servers?

nope. it crashed again


1nt1c4t10n 13:46

Yes because people would start cheating with it. | Let me try it.


You 13:47

oh. that's a shame. I always wanted to play pub with ADS FOV = hipfire FOV

but i guess it is kind of a cheat, in a way


1nt1c4t10n 13:48

There's a lot more in my mod than just that. If you're playing with my mod you also have No Suppression, No Increasing Spread, Better Colors and much more.

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To enable FOV ADS scaling in Battlefield 3, follow these steps:

1. Locate the "PROF_SAVE_profile" file in your Battlefield 3 installation directory.
2. Open the file using a text editor.
3. Search for the line that says "GstRender.FieldOfViewScale", and change its value to "1" for default FOV scaling.
4. To enable FOV ADS scaling, add the line "GstRender.FieldOfViewScaleADS 1" below it.

Save the file and launch the game. Now, your FOV will scale when aiming down sights in BF3.

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