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Found 10 results

  1. 1-There's another way to solve "critical update required pls restart origin" problem whitout restarting my pc? there's sometimes that it's doesn't work and i have to reboot by 2nd time 2-error196613:0/-196610:0: i use VPN and still happening lol, do i have to connect to an specific country? or is a specific VPN?
  2. ZloGamesLauncher Features: BF3 : ServersList - PlayersList - Campaign (Soldier stats under working). BF4 : ServersList - PlayersList - Campaign - Commander - Spectator - Soldier stats. BOT : You can add one server to bot and when you re run launcher this but will ask you if you want to join [Your selected server] or no. BFH : LOCKED NOW. BF1 : LOCKED NOW. Background music. Background video [BF3-BF4] You can change servers list and players list background color. Auto update for servers list and players list [bf4-bf3] , iam also add button for refresh. You can refresh your stats. Showing all servers ping. Log [ZloGamesEvents] coming with launcher folder. Credits : Launcher Developers : Husseingamer - Bigworld12 Launcher Designers : Husseingamer And also thanks to : ZloJoker - Thurrax - nintend01337 And of course ZLOFENIX Download : From Mediafire NOTE : Don't ask why i can't connect to zclient , you must check if master online or offline before asking please. NOTE : Removed restart window error. Video : Thread In English Only !!! Q/Why ican't play bf3? i'm download zclient but i can't. A/You must download this file Client.zip and paste in bf3 folder, do same in this video. BF3 Small version for computers with weak specifications Download : Click Here
  3. ник: ghost-lraqi чит: oneshoothack сервер: чаще на Amstel играет https://yadi.sk/i/KL7xSgni3XmVWT ghost-lraqi.mp4
  4. When the server loading after 1 minute map laodding it crush with this messge BF4 ALERT 0 14 -1 BF4 ALERT 21 0 65535
  5. hi this is new version of zlo launcher play singleplayer and working 100% Mediafire : download for version you just need to paste this launcher in bf3 folder and login use zloemu account any problem send message thanks
  6. Hello everyone. I have been playing the game for long enough and works perfectly until someday it stopped working by itself for a reason that i do not know but the launcher is not saying bf3.exe caught,, Listening to it. it just says nothing but joining server and then shows nothing even single player is no longer working too i have everything updated but what is Zx32.dll? and how important it is ?? and if it really much important can someone upload it for me ? cuz i lost mine somehow and maybe it is the problem but i reinstalled my game worked perfectly before copying the zlo full client and then stopped working after copying it to game folder.
  7. Hello guys i created ZloPatcher for BF3 This is program for update crack,launcher.dll and Zxupdater.dll Soon i add all launchers to installer. And everyone will be able to choose launchers: Despo, KillZone and etc... Current version: Links: MediaFire YandexDisk Rghost Mega Warning: switch off you antivirus or windows defender!!!
  8. this hunted, Let her what she deserves... Type: 1 Shot Kill Server: 2 XP zloemu.org BR SERVER| Nick: RebornFcker
  9. hi [NOT AVAILABLE] I just converted c# codes to VB codes [[Download]] for any Dev using VB [Visual Basic] to create ZloLauncher this is the c# file by Bigworld12 [[Download]] for any Dev using C# [C Sharp] to create ZloLauncher
  10. I'm no great developer, but this is a proof-of-concept. I generally develop in web-based languages, and this is my first true attempt at CSharp [C#]. Working on this alpha, and this was just a test to see if it is all working. Doing a redesign as we speak, as this was sloppily put together. Just thought I'd show you guys. Audio could become a thing once I add better settings.
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