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Found 10 results

  1. So , today I started Zcllient , logged in , then started Bf3 Launcher to play online , and when i select a server it shows me this Pls help
  2. Hi, Me and my friend both want to play at the same time, from separate accounts and from separate computers. But we have a single internet connection. Will we be able to play together simultaneously? Without getting banned for reason: Multiple Account ?
  3. recently i tried to download bf3 so many times but it always end with this massage i just upload a screenshot of the error massage if anyone can help me or have any advice to fix this problem i will be thankful
  4. Hello everyone! i'm a BF3 ZLO player and i want to know how can i make my own server/host in ZLO BF3 ?
  5. Hello, I don't know if it is the right forum so forgive me if it isn't. My problem is that I uninstalled ZLOrigin and ZLclient as well as Battlefield 3 from my computer. Now, I want to redownload the game but when I click on the game through the launcher, it shows the button "Play". I click it but, obviously, the game doesn't start. Any help about how can I download the game again?
  6. Играя на сервере "[2xp]Pycckuu СEPBEP-ALL MAPS-" я наткнулся на читера под ником Love-Man.Когда первый раз я увидел его в топе его команды,я подумал что для новичка сложно добиться такого K/D,но я предположил что он пришел из другой bf. Но при игре на сервере постоянно выскакивало оповещение о том как этот игрок кого то убил ножом.И вправду я не знаю как все это устроено но при выстреле из винтовки dmr,а точнее свд он делал убийство ножом.Посмотрев его стату в zlolog'е , я увидел что у него чуть более 600ста убийств,а ножом около 400ста ,при этом у винтовок dmr в частности свд 0 убийств ,хотя он как раз таки из свд и убивал.Прошу администрацию разобраться с этим
  7. I need To Private contact With You ZLOFENIX For report some bug or fun way For Close This. Example : Longest Headshot : 8milion meters:)) Or Kills : 800000 or Death : 200 . Or highest killstreak 60000 ;) Or knife kills And ... Change Play Time !! .... Telegram : tlgrm.me/Esmaeel_k_77
  8. TEMPORARY NON CRASHING VERSION!!! DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/?cv1woi6qv2bopw5 STATS REMOVED. WILL IMPLEMENT FULL STATS FOR NEXT UPDATE: General stats, awards, weapons, vehicles, assignments. .NET Framework 4.6 REQUIRED! Features: Friendly Playstation3 like interface Filters Server sorting Login (remember mail and password) Sounds Auto login Favorite Servers Server History Showing servers hosted on LAN network Server Info including map rotation and server settings Soldier stats, including medals and ribbons Game is maximizing automatically! Fancy Loading screen before game maximize Showing all servers ping (ping values may be affected if you have slower internet connection) ......much more...... -Translated in 11 Languages (FR,ESP,POR,UKR,RO,RU,TUR,Arabic,BG,CZ,DE) - POR,Arabic,BG,CZ except stats page. Credits: KillzoneOne: Coding/Design Skan: Design Many thanks to ZLOFENIX, for helping us understand the API, and for making such a great emulator And thanks to translators for their great job. Download: Temporary Fixed 1.6.2 https://www.mediafire.com/?cv1woi6qv2bopw5 .NET 4.6 Required How can I show my admiration and love for the launcher? You can check out our other projects https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=MadGoat If the launcher is crashing , Check the FAQ bellow . Please do not post problems that are not related to the launcher in this thread! --------------------------------------------- FAQ/Troubleshoot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sACIfeexOAs #Thread language: English
  9. =================================================================================== Hola gente, en este post les enseño como jugar Battlefield 3 con el emulador. =================================================================================== ¿Que necesitas? 1. Primero que todo necesitan el juego con TODOS los DLC para poder jugar sin problemas. Puedes descargarlo AQUÍ 2. Descarga el cliente AQUÍ 3. Descarga el launcher AQUÍ (Opcional 1) Launcher DESPO & CLONE Pueden usar este launcher que viene con soporte en ESPAÑOL Descarga AQUÍ -------------------------------------- POSTAL ORIGINAL -------------------------------------- (Opcional 2) Este esta en ingles pero tiene un diseño muy agradable Lanzador KillzoneOne y Skan Descarga AQUÍ -------------------------------------- POSTAL ORIGINAL -------------------------------------- 4. Descarga el .DLL AQUÍ (Ultima actualización 05/05/14) 5. Pega TODOS los archivos en la carpeta raíz del juego. 6. Inicia el lanzador "LauncherClient", "zloLauncher" o "ZLOBattlefield3Launcher" (Todo depende de cual launcher uses) y coloca tus datos de "zlogames.ru" 7. Selecciona un servidor y da clip en "Run Client" 8. ¡JUEGA! =================================================================================== Vídeo tutorial de mi autoridad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KSkMQh3sb_c =================================================================================== Opcional: Puedes descargar la traducción AQUÍ (Link Actualizado) ============================================================================================= NOTAS: La versión de Origin funciona con el emulador simpre y cuando tengas TODOS los DLC + PREMIUN El .DLL se esta actualizando sin previo aviso. Tienen que descargarlo nuevamente cuando no pueden entrar. ============================================================================================= -------------------------------------- Post original -------------------------------------- ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bugs Conocidos: 1. A veces los servidores bloquear una ranura, por ejemplo, cuando un jugador tiene un mal internet o se desconecta en el registro o algo desconocido. Usted puede arreglar esto reiniciando el servidor o esperar que otro jugador Iniciar sesión. 2. El cliente se cierra sin ningún mensaje de error. 3. Aún no hay slots privados.
  10. who knew all this was part of the game, hahaha! Also first post :) so HI!!!! hope this is the right section. Anyway enjoy, the videos not mine, just thought i should share it :D Be warned video contains a'lot of swearing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDauDMppn6c
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