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  1. Воистину Воскресе! :)
  2. SLI FIXES It seems that there is soemething in windows stopping some of the Nvidia drivers from properly uninstalling . It seems that dome files from previuos drivers are actually left behind causing conflicts . Follow the below steps to fix this . 1 . Download driver sweeper from GURU3d website . Go to the download page . Once downloaded install it . 2 . Download the latest Nvidia drivers . 3 . Uninsstall your graphics drivers . 4 . Run driver sweeper . 5 install your new drivers . FIX 2 Another update on the SLI issue . Some have reported that using the latest beta drivers works for them . It may not work for everyone but would be worth a try for those having sli problems . FIX 3 I have read a lot of new finds on the sli side of things . It seems that the sli setup itself is not the problem . Its actually to do with the voltages on both cards . It seems that there is bios update differences on some cards . Check the voltages on both cards using MSI afterburner and set them accordingly . It seems that dx 11 takes offence to this and causes the game to become unstable and eventually freeze up . CHECK OUT THIS POST HERE : http://forums.nvidia.com/index.php?showtopic=214694
  3. Yea detected but you can use sweetfx this is safe
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