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  1. Little update. He also tries to shoot through walls
  2. Playing on BF3 server [2XP]Pycckuu CEPBEP-ALL MAPS and because there is no admin player [SNET] Darkal1ty using awp and one shot kill on normal server. Plus using aimbot or script. Sadly cant record him. If someone can check this cheating noob and ban him it would be great!
  3. filipos181


    B7ackhawk You should really start to ban people on server. Lot of cheaters. Some with one shot kills, some with WH. Saw some using aim scripts... etc etc Also you should ping limit server to 150 max. People are playing with 250+ which ruins game
  4. Map is metro and mol-tabou9alt is hacking. Aim, one shot kill. Possible multiacc also. This screenshot is from game that is currently running. Please ban this account
  5. I don't know if server had more then 2xp. I know I played for 2 years and was rank 65 or something like that
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