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  1. can you accept friend request on discord? i think it would be much easier if we will talk on discord
  2. hello, thats first what ive do after downloading from setup from torrent..
  3. Hi, i tried to install ur launcher, i love that design and functions what it have, sucesfully connected to ZClient but if i try to launch battlefield singleplayer it says:
  4. and zclient i have already, i started him and now he is ON but he is not in folder in bf3
  5. launcher in that folder is same as what have that guy who posted this thread
  6. The point is that when I last tried to play singleplayer / multiplayer and it wanted verification from EA where it was allegedly enough to enter ZLOgames login, so it made a mistake
  7. i downloaded it again with setup.exe from torrent and i need to be sure when i do all whats right, so on FAQ says when it have old launchers so i replaced all files from client.exe and downloaded launcher what u can see on picture.. Did I do everything right now?
  8. Hello, i have same problem and probably i already turned off my antivirus and same as firewall, already extracted files from client.zip to the game folder, can you help me please? I wanted to play singleplayer for first time and when i logged with my email and password what is registered on zloemu its says this.. There is printscreen what files i have:
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