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  1. Can someone pass me the ready bat server file, along with the instace folder, because even following the tutorial I have errors. Sorry for bad English.
  2. Is there a solution to this problem, or just reinstall the game?
  3. Hello, I wonder if making another account to start from scratch will be banned by multiacc? NOTE: I have no ban on this computer or account. Sorry for bad English :s
  4. ah and just one more thing, I could pass your ServeStart config, since it would be easier for me, just the config
  5. All right, thanks, man.
  6. When I'm going to connect the server, this appears, follow the image: Already added, and okay, at the time of opening is that this error occurs.
  7. to leave server online
  8. The data is fully reviewed and correct the updated files from the R40 server, and in the same way this error occurs, please, I need help without ignorance!
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