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  1. Hey there ZLOFENIX, sorry for late reply, i was traveling... I tested today, and now its working! Thank you!
  2. Nothing, already tested on two different machines, two different server versions (R60 & R63), even tested on a freshly formatted machine... Same problem. I really do not know what is going on, i'm out of options...
  3. The server files have been the same for a long time, why only wrong files now? I have tried switching server files between R60 and 63, same problem, sever gets OFFLINE state always while BF3, BFH and MOHW are working fine. Before that update everything worked fine... Already checked everything (server files, config, network config) and still get same problem.
  4. Here you go ZLOFENIX, hope this helps... RuntimeLog_F2P-SERVER_server.1.log ZServers.zlo
  5. Hi there. I've noticed there was a recent ZLO update and thanks for the continuing work, but now all servers (BF3, BFH, MOHW) work fine execpt BF4 server wich now gets "Offline" state...
  6. Very strange indeed, thank you for you support as always...
  7. Tested with other people, nobody can join servers, same thing happens to everybody. Servers were fine before the update, and also before the update a few of our players reported that BFH returned them some sort of activation error while attempting to join a server, but other players such as myself could join without problems, now after one the most recent updates nobody can join...
  8. It just stays like this endlessly, i have to close the game with task manager or by closing Zclient. After closing game and client log says this : ERROR - Zlo4NET: _EndReceiveCallback Socket unexpected error The sender has closed their connection. And nothing else...
  9. Hi there, Just wanted to report that after a ZClient update today i am no longer able to join any BFH server, when joining a server the game doesn't get past loading screen...
  10. ZLOFENIX after using the server for some time now i could verify that the errors people get when quitting and joining servers is related to Pre-round configuration. If i set Game.DisablePreRound to 1 and attempt to exit end re-enter a sever no errors occur, if i set Game.DisablePreRound to 0 and attempt to exit and re-enter a server errors will occur. The problem with setting Game.DisablePreRound to 1 locks the game in pre-round and the match doesn't start until at least 4 or more players are in the game depending on gamemode, i have been locked in pre-round with 4 players in server and co
  11. MOHW by default always prioritzes a two man squad in multiplayer as part of its "Fireteam buddy" system. The first two players that enter a server will be a two man squad for team A, the next two players that enter will be the same for team B and so on... Use a team balancer plugin with procon, that might fix the that particular issue, i believe there's one called MULTIbalancer that worKs will all procon enabled games, assuming you own the server you're trying to play in...
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