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  1. I cant change some stuff damage of guns and unlock all doesnt work other settings too some of how to fix?
  2. im tryna play this game alongside with my laptop but i cant it always put the second player in my team how do i fix this?
  3. maybe should try playing this by myself but i keep getting added on the same team as the other one cant fix plus the game cant start even with my server dont how to manage it not enough info for procon frostbite, is what i meant to say.
  4. guess ill wait for venice unleashed for this like game
  5. I noticed that you can now play mohw but... there is no one playing it... any way to add bots? (if not gonna use a second account to play the game on my laptop)
  6. damn thanks for telling will in the future
  7. battlefield hardline when you load into the gun bench it just loading forever is there a fix for this i have a good pc.
  8. the torrent doesnt work nor the google drive what do i do?
  9. i installed zlorigin and zclient and bfh is greyed out solutions? also discord invite invalid
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