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  1. anyway thanks for your time bro and thanks for your help.
  2. it was my first time to use wemod I didn't use any mods or external hacks with this account I changed my pc and ISP to be able to play the game.
  3. yes that's true and I didn't use anything on this new account I was clean I swear I learned from my last fault I wish you understand me, and thanks again for your time.
  4. Hello My name is Xtacy I was banned in 2/5/2021 and the unban date is 1/7/2021, I was only trying to use wemod in single player BF4 and I swear I didn't use anything in multiplayer mode u can even check my stats, I won't use anything in single player again and sorry for that please appreciate my apologies and thanks for your time.
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