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  1. Mijas - Is this the reason for the ban? And where is "BF3 Hacks" here? You are strange here
  2. Hello! Why was I banned ? I've been playing Battlefield 3 for almost a year now! What's this: 2020-12-23 08:12:51 Ghost_Warrior BF3 Hacks Forever ??? It's some kind of mistake ? And why forever?
  3. Bro, there won't be any cheaters at all! Leave at least a couple on the project
  4. You're lying ! You injected a hack into the BF3 process! That's why you got banned
  5. NoSpread/NoRecoil - 100% Hacker - 1000%
  6. Dear administration ! You have on the METRO / CHANNELS map 1700 tickets for the metro, and 400 tickets for TDM (channels). Why such an injustice? After all, there used to be 1000 tickets at TDM, and everything was fair. Many players and I love TDM (channels), return 1000 tickets out of respect to us on TDM! THANK !
  7. What nonsense? There are MUCH fewer cheaters here than in the license!
  8. Constant use of aimbot! Cheater - 1000%
  9. +++ No-recoil and No-spread hacker - 1000%
  10. Personally, I do not believe in such a divine skill of super-accurate head shooting from AEK. If you breed such cunning cheaters on ZLO, then they will become more and more every month. And players of average abilities will either go to buy cheats (and be either banned or become like Axeg_huesos) or quit playing here. If you want to be "meat" for hackers - good luck. I expressed my opinion, I will not unsubscribe more on this topic in principle.
  11. JonnyJames1, Trahtor3418, ToXicLife, IIITESLAIII, An1k, Hahated , MP412REX - consider the suspect a hacker! PsiMera and STALLiiN - consider the suspect a professional gambler! No further argument makes sense! After all, everyone has already said everything! Many spears have already been broken - you need to invite ZLOFENIX and put an end to it . Goodbye
  12. Are you the same genius of tactics in infantry combat when the count goes for a split second? Do you think he has a reaction like a mongoose and tactical thinking of Napoleon? However, I will disappoint you, he is a common average player who uses WH (sometimes aim) and tries to prevent others from finding out about it.
  13. And you won't decide. I just pointed out some suspicious points. Here on the forum there are experts in this game, do not hesitate. Which will put an end to this fuss.
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