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  1. I just Except Right thing from You! i just want to say honestly that i am not the Crazy Hacker.
  2. thank's God for you use u'r mind to think!
  3. Is anyone know! When's Admin coming to clear this Trail! :waiting:
  4. m asking about you'r opinion and m not talking about her man don't lose you'r head screw! i give you my video and if you don't believe then i can't give any other proof
  5. let me know something do you also think TopB1lla is also HACKER!
  6. No! man it's just you'r disquisition that you try to people think that i m doing some hack's butt i know i don't and what is I\u0027m.If you have a solid proof then let me know that and let also other GUYS to see. If you all think if i kill you with ACWR on 50% health then you idiot and i think if someone who just use hack in bf3 also in 2019 then that is just you cause sometime when some hacker got killed again again then they got Jellious & why not it's good. Man u don't know me i will be in russian servers so soon cause i know how you bann me with these id and i don't deserve that blame on me and when i gonna be be free from this i will spank you again on that servers cause you idiot. You think if someone who play good with some guns then he need to be bann that that is just another CANCER.
  7. You can CRY cause that in u'r hand butt banning me is on ADMIN know the difference between hacker and a good player who gona be PRO so soon.
  8. yeah sometimes butt they all think i do all time butt i don't.
  9. Why you all recacting like that it so Hard to kill you guys i m playing bf3 from 3 year's TopB1lla know me and Spank_me_later know me and also AirStrike93 know who also live in PAKISTAN and many other PAKISTANi know me like manhatan too butt the real Question is if a man is on 50% health and i can't able to kill him that is really noob butt if someone who play fps most of the time and he can kill you Easly and you can see my recoil also there shooting if you think there is no recoil in my gun and if you all want to see online my gameplay i will try to soon to show you how good i am let me play on some good specs. and also i change my name so many times like i don't use a name so long cause that is not good as like i want to be.
  10. Is now m free to Go and Play or you Guys need to see something more?
  11. It's my profile and u can see my rank is 80+ i notice he is camping and he just who kill me each time in this match where he record this clip and also after this clip he ban me on this server and i text him! ((hy admin man i know how to camp and i see u;r spawn beacon that my team mate destroy and i m seeing the killing people tag line that there is no u'r name so i got in my mind somewhere u camping)) i know if someone got dead then after her new spawn his spawn beacon got vanished butt his spawn beacon did not and then my team member overcome and destroy after that i know how to camp and where the best places in Operation Metro and i gonna looking there for as he show this video there when i climb on that pipes there he good point to see someone if there hiding. And soon i m gonna release my Gameplay videos to prove that i m not a HACKING. And after this all if u need my PC specs here it's with Graphic here u can see i m not able to record my Gameplay on my potato PC i will record that so soon. Please admin for that Time don't BAN me and let me prove that i m not a Hacker. You'r sincerely,
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