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ZloEmu BattleField 3 Venice Unleashed Mod ??

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1 minute ago, thetruestarr said:

ZLO= Just Battlefield 3(4) for free. Vanilla Play as its best.
VU= Modded Battlefield 3 with features like high tickrates and such things. Modded Gameplay. Required to own the game

yup true i just tell it would be awesome with VU

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4 minutes ago, shadow039 said:

nothing am just telling my opinion ^^ its just will be good with VU mod ^^

They're are working on BF4 and i think they dun need a new project, cuz coding isn't easy to do and fast to do.

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spectator mode - why? game for the play

high tickrate - need good pc for (60 tr - 60 fps min)

mods - default server's config ftw

bf3 not interesting - bf4 released and bf5 coming soon

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53 minutes ago, MrZombez said:

They will be forced to ship or what?

Nobody will play BF3 when BF4 is available with better server and client optimisation.

26 minutes ago, EatABurger said:

- removed -

Next time you post VU propaganda you'll be banned just like you would be banned when you post a zloemu link in VU-forums.

Edited by Despo
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