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Well, my clan used to play in WYD Extreme Metro 24/7, but we all get banned for supposedly recruiting.  

That's why (because I saw AIM and ACES clan in it), if someone ask to join your clan, DON'T SAY YES IN CHAT, ask them to go in Teamspeak or another thing because if you answer them in chat...well the entire clan will pay for it.

We loved this server due, for most of us, to the low ping but we cannot fight against admins. :cry:

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So the ISIS clan members can't play on WYD, where's the fun in that?

Broo, as I recall, is banned for disrespecting the admin.

For the other members of the clan however, I believe they should not suffer and be given a second chance.

ISIS or IZIS players are, generally speaking, well-spirited and I'd like to see them return to WYD.

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:)  :)  :)  Thank you bro, anyway i made an unban request to WYD ... here's the answer : 

"the reason why you were banned is because the whole group izis has been banned for openly recruting in are servers i have warned to many times and got caught a 3rd time with my eyes..

wana be apart of izis then u need to find a new server to play on we dont take kindly to people recruiting in are servers."


We just said yes to a guy (Maximakov) who asked us if he can join without advertise him. :(

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You can always make an uban request on the WYD forums? Otherwise, make a complain to the Zlogames founders. They can ban you for saying yes. This make no sense at all and if they're banning a whole clan, because of 1 guy, ... searching my words... This is just stupid.

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I have put forward a special request to the WYD Administrators who I personally know about the un-ban of your clan from the server,however, it will be the last of such an act from my side or any of the members of ZLO administration. If you play at their servers, you have to follow the rules set up by them.


I can not guarantee an un-ban but I can assure you that I have done the needsome.

Hope for the best!



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We don't have ban the "clan izis"

we have ban player that after different warn insisted violating rules.

"izis" has recruited the most active and undisciplined players of Extreme Metro,and this is why seems to have been banned an entire clan.but it is not.


This is what did this izis players:


- Recruting in server

- Ignored admins warns

- Disrespecting admins

- Make the public chat their chat without filters

- Bad language,imprecations,advertsing adult websites


WYD servers have a few and simple rules,there are also unwritten rules that an adult and intelligent player should know.


I can uderstand this beavior from new players,but we are talking of usal players,that know rules and have chose to break them.


90% of players (and now i m not talking of the izis players banned) constantly ignore admins and rules


i wan to add,some of this players have make a unban request: bad attitude,no excuses,arrogance. not a god start

And OP of this post shows that they don't have yet understood





Anyway we can discuss about that.

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Well, first, 90% of what you said was one guy's fault (I will not say who), then I make an unban request with a joke (bad one, I recognize) to a specific admin but I was received by the master. In fact, I never had bad relation with the admin I tried to join. (understand it is the one who ban me)


_For the guy causing all this trouble, he is hard to contain and whole clan was taking apart because of him. Nothing else is necessary to make him understand his faults I guess.

_I made this topic because I said to your master I will do so, not for being forgiven but to prevent others.


and for recruiting in servers, only three guys join us after making this clan: Qyrid, Greyhat and Maximakof for the two first I wasn't here and for Maximakof I was here without saying anything but I was banned for "recruiting" so I was a little disapointed.




P-S: The only real bad word I said in chat was "noob". for all others word there was stars or only the half of this word, and not that many of my part, to don't be disrespectful.

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