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Hi players. I am writing to remind you about the "FREE" ZLOFENIX GAMES. I see a lot of "unknown" people (pu**ies who don't dare to put their real nick/name), are angry with how things are going in this "FREE" project and how ZLOFENIX is dealing with hackers (in game and outside). 
1 - Everything here is free, if you don't like it - buy the official games and shut the f*ck up.
2 - You don't like Fenix's attitude towards hackers (the option to give them a second chance) ->
• Buy official bf3/4 and go f*ck yourself. ( bf3 price 7€, bf4 - 12€ ) - these are the prices from the biggest code provider site.
You can find them at much lower prices of around 3-5 euros ( in steam , epicgames in promotional weeks) 
3 - You want some games, but Fenix doesn't add them to ZLOFENIX games?
• Provide an official account with the games to Fenix and he will add it (Of course if it can be bypassed/cracked).
4 - DDoS wars between bf3/4 server owners.
• We all hate it when people try to ruin the work and efforts of others in order to fill up their server. But Fenix can't help you if you don't give him the information (Ip routes, bandwidth strength, pictures of conversations etc.)
We don't want topics here about - he ddosing, they ddosing, server is down because of him - WITH NO PROOFS.
5 - Some people think that once they have "VIP" or "Server Admin" roles - they can break the rules - NO, YOU CAN'T.
*VIP role* is for the people who help in the project like ( reporting hackers, helping to new members and etc. + former devs, and moderators,  admins - at Fenix's discretion) + you can lose your VIP role if you break the forum rules.
*Server Admin* role is obtained if the server is running for a long time (without interruptions - works 1 week and 2 months - no working.
And of course you lose the role when server is offline quite often + offline for more than 3 weeks.
This role gives you the option to control your server's topic. ONLY YOUR SERVER'S TOPIC. This role does not give you the right to tell others how to control/run their servers. This role does not give you the right to break the forum rules.

and last - ZLOFENIX is giving you the option to play games for free and you are trying to discredit him. Who the hell are you to tell him how to control the project? Do you provide the games, do you code? Ah yes, we all know why you are here - to play the games for "FREE"

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