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ZClient Keeps Crashing After Login

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No, its not from zclient.

I still dont see any logs from you.

Dunno what it can be, but i dont have win11 to test on it. Also no one else reported about problems on win11.

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I cant seem to find the log file.

Btw the client works and stays open until i log in. Then when its done logging in. It crashes.
I have some problems making a screenshot. But it crashes when it says auth succes "username"

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Still doesnt work. Same as before and i try deleting everything related to it before i started the updated version.
Is it that certificate thing thats the problem since i never get to the part to install any certificate.
I also tried repairing ntdll.dll which is the included file in the error  log.


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Dunno, really not see any crashlogs from you and dont know what can be reason. Everything is zloemu folder in programdata too?

ntdll - is windows core, it cant be broken.

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在5 / 18 / 2022 11:53 PM,ZLOFENIX说:


日志 - zclient 窗口。

如果仍然不起作用 - 请尝试删除 C:\ProgramData\ZLOEmu\ZCache.db


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Told you - there is no zclient log file, logs or in WINDOW or goes to me.

Check C:\ProgramData\ZLOEmu\Exception.zlo after crash, file exists?

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