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Zclient, D2r and -mod parameter

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Dear reader,

Last few days I found out I could play D2r via your client. Awesome! Then yesterday someone already released a mod for it. Similar I use with D2 Vanilla.

Anyway, you've to use ''-mod basic-qol'' in the exe parameter to have it working. It seems I can't get it working. I tried to make an shortcut with said parameter and copy it into the Zclient.

Even used the D:\ZClient\ZClient.exe" "D:\Games\D2R\D2R.exe" trick, but then with '-mod basic-qol' behind it, but it doesn't work as well

Can someone help me figuring out how to make it work? Would love to have this mod working, so I can import my characters with ease without losing the expanded stash and such.


Ps. Thank you for the awesome client!

Source: https://github.com/cyhyraethz/d2r-basic-qol#installation

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Great. I got it working. Guess I wasn't awake and was doing stupid, haha


"D:\Diablo Resurrected\ZClient.exe" "D:\Diablo Resurrected\D2R.exe" -mod basic-qol

Works for me fine. Yeah!!!!!!
@ cEEn86

Edit: Be sure you run the game, then exit and run it again. Otherwise it won't toggle the mod or so.

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