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ZClient Self Closes After Recent Update

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- Whenever I run ZClient the program just closes now.

- It did work for a bit after the update though.

Evonix's Launcher:

- After the update for the time that Zclient was working, it said something about an invalid token whenever trying to connect to BF3 servers. It worked before the big update.

Windows 10, .Net Framework 4.8

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Actually no the archived threads didn't help at all (plus I don't speak Russian sadly and tried to translate some). Besides these are all new issues since the big new update.

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18 minutes ago, 9XrIsToS9 said:

You can launch BFs through the 34h launcher or through the website

Evonix's Launcher didn't updated for this ZClient update

Ok I'll use these new methods. However Zclient still crashes when run now. It completes the authentication then it just disappears. Any idea? (I need Zclient running to be able to connect)

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28 minutes ago, ZLOFENIX said:

I will check it tomorrow, some same same problem, dunno why for now.

You do great work. No rush, take care.

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