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    • By Umpower
      Hello Zlogames hello Server admins this is special report to server admins because there are manny cheaters on Server of Battlefield 3 Nammed "Amstel-LAN," Cheater Player Name "Dager22" on 2022/06/11 at 18:00 we hope to clean server from cheater and we need Voteban System on server and thx to admin
    • By InterceptorX
      To whom it may concern, I am a long time zlorigin user and i really love the content and the work you put in. My problem is as thus follows, and it relates to battlefield 3 and may solve the hacking, rule breaking, and time managing issues admins have to go through.
      I am well aware about the presence of a discord server, and if you were to wish to implement the following on discord, it would probably be benifiting. 
      Most of the OG player base on Battlefield 3 ZLOEMU hosted Servers happen to have more knowledge of glitches and ways to get around both hacks and abusing the rules. Instead of putting a strain on admins for the push of constant "Please ban this person" or similar requests, you can create a process there-in which you can have trial admins with the following privleges :
      !Kick (Once per hour 30min)   !Warn + Reason per warning !Report (Non admins / players can report a players and until a report count of a specific threshold is met, admins can investigate, thus reducing the amount of times you have to inspect an account. You can also implement a log which records the measure taken by these trial admins/mods, thus having more control over their actions and since re creating an account is a pain, Problems will be resolved instantly.
      It's really annoying to see players change teams to sabotage and players with more unlocks such as tv missiles spawn camp each and every server from far away, and coincidentally, I've noticed decline in average users that visit the servers from time to time, and instead a rapid increase in fresh accounts that are obliviously hacking and reducing player count. I hate having to constantly look for admins which will probably result in an overburden onto admins, which I  have experienced and do not like. There has been a constant decline ever since the year started and I really don't want your services to go unappreciated.
      If my offer interests you, I'm very willing to partake as a trial moderator, if you are unable to reach me : my contact email address is xx.facilitator161.xx@gmail.com.
      With regards,
      A concerned user.
    • By crazythedude
      the game just closes down every time I join game it dose not crash just closes in the "per loading screen" the one with the dot in the corner but the single play works just fine any help 
    • By CNote
      I opened Lennie thread regarding the server hosting I wanted to download the server files but it shows 404 error
    • By SharaSh
      I created Battlefield 4 server and start the server.
      i can join the server but my friends cannot join,they stuck in <joining server..> loop.
      how can i fix?
    • By KsandrDeArk
      Так, после обнов старый лаунчер перестал работать,  скачал новый 34Н, полчаса **** мозги и форум. В итоге проблема с доступом к джойказино.ком, лаунчер не видит игру, зклиент я указал, но как показать лаунчеру путь к игре?
      Ps дополнено, игра имеет нестандартную директорию, на диске с нет места , храню её в папке Games на D, (хз, ваще имеет значение или нет, диски физические.).
    • By Uwek
      При попытке скачать battlefield 3 с ZLOrigin вылетает эти надписи

    • By Asghar
      Are there any servers on zlo for assignment unlocking of BF3?
      If there are none, then can anyone help me setup a server for assignment unlocking. I know how to start a server but I don't know how to setup a server for assignment unlocking (server commands). 
    • By Sporling
      Всем доброго времени суток, я столкнулся со следующей проблемой: Когда я попытался в очередной раз внести правки в файлы Startup, StartServer (В первом я изменил количество игроков с 20 на 64. Во втором (в первом файле также изменил) решил поменять название сервера добавив приписку [2XP] (double experience points) к названию сервера, после внесения изменения и сохранения  файлов я закрыл сам Battlefield 3 Server и ZServer, далее заново запустил ZServer и запустил файл StartServer.
      По привычке полез в 34H Launcher и пошёл искать свой сервер в списке, но вот незадача! В списке его не было, потом пообщавшись со более менее понимающим в плане серверов человеком выяснилось, сервер offline, а как сделать назад что бы online ни я ни он не поняли.
      После произошедшего я решил скачать ещё один сервер для проверки работоспособности, после загрузки и настройки  меня поджидала новая ошибка, показав её тому самому человеку он кратко высказался на её счёт: "не знаю".
      Я тоже ни чего не понял, если у кого нибудь из читающих это есть какие либо рекомендации или готовые решения по поводу возвращения сервера в статус "online", или же про вторую ошибку то, пожалуйста помогите мне!
      Ниже я прикрепил пару скриншотов с теми самыми ошибками.
      Если у вас возникли вопросы по моей теме пишите, я постараюсь ответить, скинуть больше интересующей информации.

    • By Sajit30K
      ....::::SERVER RULES::::....
      #1 . Do NOT attack enemy's Main Deployment/Base rape.
      #2 . Respect rules, respect players, keep the teams balanced and play fair
      #3 . No attack enemy's Main Deployment.
      #4 . No camping inside deployment.
      #5 . No stealing vehicles.
      ....::::SERVER INFORMATION::::....
      Server location : France
      MAX PING : 310
      Server Capacity : 64
      Discord : Link
      ....::::VOTING SYSTEM::::....
      !Report(Send Report to admin directly)

      ....::::OTHER FACILITIES::::....
      !Stats(Check Player stats)
      !rank(Check Player Rank)
      !Top10(Check Top10 player in server)

      ....::::MAPS AND TICKETS::::....
      Operation Firestorm
      Caspian Border
      Armored Shield
      Gulf of Oman
      kharg island
      All Mapes Tickets : 400
      ....::::Server Admin::::....
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