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To please you with all the upcoming DLCs for The Sims 4 as fast as possible, we need to buy them. There are three kinds of DLCs: 

  • Expansion Packs (39.99€ // 1499₽ or apparently 2000₽ since "Get Famous")
  • Game Packs (19.99€ // 999 ₽)
  • Stuff Packs (9.99€ // 499 ₽)

So that's why we ask for donation to be able to have them on time.

How to donate on DLCs?

It's very simple, you can donate from 1 zlo =1 rus rub (Currency Converter) to any you'd like to give. 
To do so, you:

  1. go to zlobilling.org (subcategory The Sims).
  2. Choose the amount you want to donate.

    Piggy bank for The Sims DLCs. Only for them, not for project support.
    How much do you want to donate?"

  3. Enter your Email and choose how you would pay
    "Service name: Sims - Sims
    Amount: 10zlo
    Enter your email: 
    Choose payment System: Bank Cards or Payment Terminals or electronic currency

  4. Press "Далее (Next)" and confirm what you've chosen by "Далее (Next)"
    "Service name: Sims - Sims
    Amount: 10zlo
    Payment system: Bank card


  5. Enter your card's data and email for the email confirmation. For the first time ROBOKASSA will create you your personal account. So you should activate it. Press ОПЛАТИТЬ "Pay".
    Order price: 10 rubles
    Pay by: October 9 15:10
    Order Description: Victim of ZLO
    Total to pay: 10.70 rubles (including commission)

    Card number
    Valid until
    CVC / CVV
    are the last 3 digits on the back of the card.
    Email: We will send you account information to this address.

    Save the card data in the account
    Application-Order of the Payer


  6. Confirm your Email

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