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Forum's Rules

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Basic rules:

  • General rules of the forum must to be followed.
  • Moderators are not responsible for any messages or advice of all registered forum users.
  • Moderators can modify and supplement these rules without explaining the reasons.

Creating Topics:

  • Before creating a new topic, make sure that you do it in the right subforum, and also make sure that this issue has not been discussed earlier.
  • It is forbidden to create identical or similar topics in different sections.
  • The title of the topic should be informative, reflecting its meaning as clear as possible.
  • It is forbidden to create topics on certain issues that are considered in already created common topics.
  • Messages with the headings "Help", "Error!!!", "What to do", "Does not work" and derivatives will be closed, and the author will be punished.

Posting messages:

  • It is forbidden to flood, smilie flood, offtopic, spam, flame, trolling.
  • It is forbidden to use obscene language and abuse, including the substitution of letters with symbols.
  • It is forbidden to be rude in response to users and staff. Insults against others are prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to use red color, it can only be used by the forum staff.
  • It is forbidden to discuss the actions of the staff.
  • It is forbidden to make comments to users about violations of rules, this is the prerogative of the staff.
  • It is prohibited to duplicate messages in one or more forum topics.
  • It is forbidden to write a whole message in CAPITAL letters, bold, underlined, strikeout or italic.
  • It is strictly forbidden to publish links to malicious programs.


Thank you for reading and have pleasant communication!

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