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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, you can call me UnicornioAzul, I recently banned seven days for using a hack (and I must say it was fair ,_,) but this time I DID NOTHING ;-; when the seven days were over I even went back to playing Battlefiel 3, and those last days (yesterday) I couldn't log in anymore ... I was banned again, only this time I can't even log in to the ZLOemu website ... I literally went install a translation (note: i'm brazilian) i played some games with everything in portuguese, until i tried to log in yesterday ... i even uninstalled the version i had and downloaded the 23.3gb of the version made available by the ZLOemu website ... but still with no login success, until I find out that I was banned for ... cheating? I literally installed a simple translation, and still played without any problems ... PLEASE I LOVE THIS GAME !! forgive me for the terrible English I have ... Username: UnicornioAzul
  2. I have recently installed BF3 from ZLO and i followed the instructions to a T, installed everything required etc. and singleplayer works perfectly, but when i try launch the multiplayer, the "ZLO Launcher" window pops up, i put my ZLO account details in, and when I click "connect to master" it takes a little while then it says cant connect to master. how do i fix this ? am i doing anything wrong ?
  3. hi and i have a problem that i am not able t download any games from Zlorigin and i get and error of 196613:200 and i also tried the fix for the problem of 196613:0 but it did not work PLS HELP
  4. Hi to zloteam. I Used to play in origin , i just installed zlobf3. but i got banned because of multi account today.please check in. account name : mamalishady ps : this account belongs to my brother. Regards
  5. Dear ZloGames community! Welcome to the official page of ACES Team! We specialize in Battlefield 3 game. We're rectruiting players for our team who can contribute their mite for our development. We're interested in skilled players. Who'd be proud of having this clan tag . _________________________________________________ Уважаемое сообщество ZloGames! Добро пожаловать в официальную тему команды ACES! Мы специализируемся на игре Battlefield 3. Наша команда открывает отбор новых бойцов в наши ряды, которые смогут внести свою лепту в её развитие. Мы заинтересованы в игроках, которые имеют хороший опыт игры или же являются "мастерами своего дела" в определенной области. Состав команды/Memberlist: SPART7N - Captain, founder -Griffin- - Soldier, founder LOLpower - Soldier Dust-OFF - Soldier Fast_Not_Lie - Soldier Sochinec - Soldier You can contact our captain SPART7N via his VK page: https://vk.com/vovanspp If you want to throw down a challenge to our team you can make a post in the following page: http://zlogames.ru/index.php?showtopic=2251
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