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Found 3 results

  1. Sorry for bumping this dead horse again but there is an update I have asked in the forum before regarding BF3 Alpha Trial to be revived and if there is a way to revive it, (https://zlogames.ru/index.php?/topic/9125/&) Recently one of my friends found out his alpha files and he uploaded them for me with the version of 760867 (2nd and last update for alpha, using old alpha exe a server can be created) I have both the alpha's so i can upload them both. Sadly we couldn't find the 71170.dlf file but we did find this; 71170?Title=BF3%u0020Alpha%u0020Trial&ProductId=DR:229644500 Would that work ? I will be able to check my old PC in August for this licence file if i can find it. Many thanks @zlofenix
  2. As you see 2 monthes Ago i don't get the Fair trail and after that i can't left the Zloe to play BF3 so i came Back with new Hardware and this time as like last time i try to be as hard butt some time we camp we need some good Squard mate who can REVIVE. what's wrong with you i don't Cheat if you think then Come with a Solid Proof not some Screen Shots make you wounder. and as my old account i have same Accuracy And i trying to improve that butt stucked too 14% i link my both Accounts pics so you can Compare and also when i got good fps i will be a hard person and when i got low fps m stilll noob cause i can't see the enemys. !ACCOUNT's AHMAD_HASSAN , JACK_REACHER , SCARLETTX26X... System Specss! ACCOUNT LINKED! Videos!
  3. Heya. I have the old bf3 alpha trial from 2011 and it's the version where you can create your own bf3 alpha server by just adding some side commands to bf3.exe. What i was wondering can we play it with zloemu with some minor modifications and without any stat tracking (if it's possible with stat tracking). I can provide the alpha files and the necessary codes for it's server stuff. Main question is (if someone's interested also) can we revive the old Alpha for some nostalgia and better(ish) game ? I can provide the files asap if someone is interested Thanks in advance
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