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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, this is message i got from launcher me and my brother playing in the same pc: Game run StateChanged State_GameRunning StateChanged StateChanged State_NotLoggedIn State_ClaimReservation 0 StateChanged State_NotLoggedIn State_ClaimReservation 0 StateChanged State_Connecting State_ClaimReservation 637034 StateChanged State_Connecting State_ClaimReservation 637034 StateChanged State_GameLoading State_ClaimReservation 637034 GameWaiting 637034 StateChanged State_Game State_ClaimReservation 637034 Alert 0 24 -1 PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player 'Jamel_ALG' ... GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN e30442f9 StateChanged State_GameLeaving State_Sparta 637034 StateChanged State_GameClosed i noticed that Alert 0 24-1 PunkBuster i tried every solution i know and on youtube or EA help but nothing helped me.
  2. Hello! This morning i was playing Sims 4 like normal, but a few hours when i tried to log in again suddenly zclient wont autoupdate. It says Autoupdate error 1 Zl. I have already tried deleting the files and downloading again, also deleted zlorigin, i already made an exception for all the files, i dont have origin installed so it doesnt show up on task manager, rebooted my pc, i tried logging in with an alternate account, i checked and the name of the file is correct and theres no other file in the folder with it, i dont know what to do. im getting a little desperate here
  3. I have this problem. How can I solve this ? I tried to delete EA license file but it didn't work.
  4. Hello, I need some help with ZL programs here... (and sorry if this isn't the right place to post but I couldn't select ZLOrigin in the create topic list, it was greyed out :/ ) - before, some infos : I'm on windows 10, and I make sure to launch the programs as administrator with my firewall desactivated - When I launch ZLClient for the first time it asks me to log in, until now everything is ok, but when i just pass my mouse (not click, only hover) on the icon it disappears, and so does ZLClient. - If I want to relaunch it, nothing happens except if I delete the log files log_ZLO.txt and ZData_Setting.zlo, after I delete them I can launch ZLClient again. - Now let's say ZLClient is running, here are my troubles with ZLOrigin (I don't have the official Origin installed so it cannot be running in my background tasks) : it loads then show me this message (basically saying for those who don't understand french that because of a security update on Origin I need to uninstall this version of the program and download the new one on the website) I tried uninstalling my old ZLOrigin version and reinstall it (even if I didn't touch anything), thinking that maybe that was the problem... It didn't change anything ! Can somebody help me, pleaaase ? Thank you very much
  5. I'm trying to download The Sims 4 on Zorigin and I noticed that after some time, the download speed drops to 0 and only gets back up if I stop and restart the download. Although my internet connection is 100MB Fiber, the download speed is low (around 100kb), so I was going to leave it downloading overnight, but if this problems occurs, I'll have wasted all night. Can anybody help me? Thanks
  6. Okay, so since this is off-topic, i posted this here. So the thing is, i have a mouse Tracer Transformer TRM-504 and it has a button in the middle to change the DPI, right? Okay, so, there is this feature where when i hold both left and right mouse button it changes the DPI with one up. Please help me, i have literally searched EVERYWHERE and couldn't find anything helpful. This is so very annoying when playing games where i have to aim with the right mouse button and shoot with the left mouse button, it keeps changing the DPI and i have to constantly reset it with the DPI button. PLEASE HELP ME, THIS IS SO ANNOYING! I can play only CSGO without having this problem and i mean, i can play BF3 but this is just so ANNOYING! Thank you for your help INB4.
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