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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, first of all the problem I have not only affects the ZlOrigin but also the ZClient. Yesterday I reinstalled both programs since I finally have the other hard disk for more space for the games. I installed them without any problem until I tried to download The Sims 3, I fixed the problem by closing everything and reinstalling the ZlOrigin as recommended in the FAQ since it is a common error and I usually get it when I spend a lot of time without touching the application. After that I started having trouble downloading because it said that there was a problem with the internet, I closed the application and tried to download again. This time the download start without problem although I always download below 700kb, being that before I downloaded above 1mb and I have not changed my internet on the contrary I am receiving more. Yesterday I had to pause the download and today I entered to continue it, it started without problem until I began to see that the download speed was lowering, I decided to pause it and then resume after a minute, the download tried to resume and then close the download window, the ZlOrign and then ZClient. I opened the programs again, ZClient always opens as an administrator while ZlOrigin I had to open as or without administrator; even doing it this way the problem continued, the download came to a certain speed and then went down and closed without resuming the download, I paused it or let it be, both programs ended up closing completely. I deleted the cache of the ZlOrigin, uninstalled it and installed, uninstalled and installed the ZClient, I made sure to have the Origin activated and everything closed but the problem continues. Currently if I open the programs after a few minutes they both close from one without having anything downloading, just for having them open. I hope someone can help me with this problem, it's the first time I've encountered this problem and from what I could see there are no other similar cases or maybe I haven't been able to find the post. If you can help me giving me ideas to solve the error or giving me the link to some post where you had the same problem and got a solution, I would appreciate it. ◣◥◣◥◤◢◤◢◣◥◣◥◤◢◤◢◣◥◣◥◤◢◤◢◣◥◣◥◤◢◤◢◣◥◣◥◤◢◤◢◣◥◣◥◤◢◤◢ Buenas, en primer lugar el problema que tengo no sólo afecta al ZlOrigin sino también al ZClient. Ayer reinstalé ambos programas ya que finalmente tengo el otro disco duro para más espacio para los juegos. Los instalé sin ningún problema hasta que intenté descargar Los Sims 3, arreglé el problema cerrando todo y reinstalando el ZlOrigin como se recomienda en las FAQ ya que es un error muy común y que suelo tener cuando paso mucho tiempo sin tocar la aplicación. Después de eso empecé a tener problemas para descargar porque decía que había un problema con Internet, cerré la aplicación e intenté descargar de nuevo. Esta vez la descarga comenzó sin problemas aunque siempre bajo de 700kb, siendo que antes bajé por encima de 1mb y no he cambiado mi internet por el contrario estoy recibiendo más. Ayer tuve que pausar la descarga y hoy entré a continuarla, comenzó sin problema hasta que empecé a ver que la velocidad de descarga bajaba, decidí pausarla y luego reanudarla después de un minuto, la descarga intentó reanudarse y luego cerrar la ventana de descarga, el ZlOrign y luego el ZClient. Volví a abrir los programas, ZClient siempre se abre como administrador mientras que ZlOrigin tuve que abrirlo como administrador o sin administrador; aún haciéndolo así el problema continuó, la descarga llegó a cierta velocidad y luego bajó y se cerró sin reanudar la descarga, lo pausé o lo dejé, ambos programas terminaron cerrándose completamente. Borré el caché del ZlOrigin, lo desinstalé e instalé, desinstalé e instalé el ZClient, me aseguré de tener el Origen activado y todo se cerró pero el problema continúa. Actualmente si abro los programas después de unos minutos ambos se cierran de uno sin tener nada descargado, solo por tenerlos abiertos. Espero que alguien pueda ayudarme con este problema, es la primera vez que me encuentro con este problema y por lo que pude ver no hay otros casos similares o tal vez no he podido encontrar el post. Si puedes ayudarme dándome ideas para resolver el error o dándome el enlace a algún post en el que hayas tenido el mismo problema y hayas conseguido una solución, te lo agradecería.
  2. Buenos días, Me ha salido un error esta mañana al iniciar con ZClient: "Error en la actualización automática 1 CLoaderx64z" y tras este mensaje se me desconecta automáticamente. He probado a encender y a apagar el ordenador, borrar el archivo CLoaderx64 pero nada. ¿Alguien me podría ayudar? Muchas gracias
  3. Hello, this is message i got from launcher me and my brother playing in the same pc: Game run StateChanged State_GameRunning StateChanged StateChanged State_NotLoggedIn State_ClaimReservation 0 StateChanged State_NotLoggedIn State_ClaimReservation 0 StateChanged State_Connecting State_ClaimReservation 637034 StateChanged State_Connecting State_ClaimReservation 637034 StateChanged State_GameLoading State_ClaimReservation 637034 GameWaiting 637034 StateChanged State_Game State_ClaimReservation 637034 Alert 0 24 -1 PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game Server for player 'Jamel_ALG' ... GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN e30442f9 StateChanged State_GameLeaving State_Sparta 637034 StateChanged State_GameClosed i noticed that Alert 0 24-1 PunkBuster i tried every solution i know and on youtube or EA help but nothing helped me.
  4. Hello! This morning i was playing Sims 4 like normal, but a few hours when i tried to log in again suddenly zclient wont autoupdate. It says Autoupdate error 1 Zl. I have already tried deleting the files and downloading again, also deleted zlorigin, i already made an exception for all the files, i dont have origin installed so it doesnt show up on task manager, rebooted my pc, i tried logging in with an alternate account, i checked and the name of the file is correct and theres no other file in the folder with it, i dont know what to do. im getting a little desperate here
  5. I have this problem. How can I solve this ? I tried to delete EA license file but it didn't work.
  6. Hello, I need some help with ZL programs here... (and sorry if this isn't the right place to post but I couldn't select ZLOrigin in the create topic list, it was greyed out :/ ) - before, some infos : I'm on windows 10, and I make sure to launch the programs as administrator with my firewall desactivated - When I launch ZLClient for the first time it asks me to log in, until now everything is ok, but when i just pass my mouse (not click, only hover) on the icon it disappears, and so does ZLClient. - If I want to relaunch it, nothing happens except if I delete the log files log_ZLO.txt and ZData_Setting.zlo, after I delete them I can launch ZLClient again. - Now let's say ZLClient is running, here are my troubles with ZLOrigin (I don't have the official Origin installed so it cannot be running in my background tasks) : it loads then show me this message (basically saying for those who don't understand french that because of a security update on Origin I need to uninstall this version of the program and download the new one on the website) I tried uninstalling my old ZLOrigin version and reinstall it (even if I didn't touch anything), thinking that maybe that was the problem... It didn't change anything ! Can somebody help me, pleaaase ? Thank you very much
  7. I'm trying to download The Sims 4 on Zorigin and I noticed that after some time, the download speed drops to 0 and only gets back up if I stop and restart the download. Although my internet connection is 100MB Fiber, the download speed is low (around 100kb), so I was going to leave it downloading overnight, but if this problems occurs, I'll have wasted all night. Can anybody help me? Thanks
  8. Okay, so since this is off-topic, i posted this here. So the thing is, i have a mouse Tracer Transformer TRM-504 and it has a button in the middle to change the DPI, right? Okay, so, there is this feature where when i hold both left and right mouse button it changes the DPI with one up. Please help me, i have literally searched EVERYWHERE and couldn't find anything helpful. This is so very annoying when playing games where i have to aim with the right mouse button and shoot with the left mouse button, it keeps changing the DPI and i have to constantly reset it with the DPI button. PLEASE HELP ME, THIS IS SO ANNOYING! I can play only CSGO without having this problem and i mean, i can play BF3 but this is just so ANNOYING! Thank you for your help INB4.
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