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Found 6 results

  1. as the title said, it's urge me to "please choose 'yes' when windows prompts you blablabla..." when try to download bf4, but there is NONE of any window prompt appear, and it just give me blank situation.. i have tried this process 7 times, restart my pc, restart zloemu, zloemu client just running fine, im just running zlorigin from zloemu client button "run zlorigin" to get this zlorigin auth with my zloemu account.. what the error actually happened here? can you give me solution ? thank you actually i just want to download bf4 through zlorigin for just my game data validation tric
  2. Dear admin, hope you're doing well. i wanted to bring this into your notice that i think i got blocked on the game Battlefield 4, server PYCCKUU CEPBEP - METRO and LOCKER only. i dont remember the date or why it happened. i stopped playing a year back, now when i came back yesterday i was able to play in all the other servers except for this one. to tell you my love for battlefield 4 lies in these two maps and im not able to play them. hope you understand what i am going through. as i can easily join the other servers i wish to be the same with this one as well. as i would again love
  3. set custom emblems\ установка пользовательских эмблем bf4.zloemu.org/emblem
  4. Wie downloade/installiere ich ZLOrigin? Download Link von ZLOrigin: ZLOrigin Download **Installationsanweisung** Lade das offizielle Origin runter: Offizielles Origin Download Installiere das originale Origin Beende Origin, falls gestartet Entpacke das Archiv und installiere ZLOrigin Öffne den ZLOrigin Ordner & starte den ZClient (Falls nicht vorhanden, hier downloaden) Nach Starten des ZClients befindet sich das "Z" Symbol im Infobereich. Klicke darauf zum öffnen. Melde dich mit deiner E-Mail und Passwort an (Natürlich von http://zloemu
  5. • Download and Install "ZloOrigin" • Download link (ZloOrigin Download) • 1 • Download the official Origin (Official Origin Download) • 2 • Install, but do not run (or get out of Origin) • 3 • Download, unzip and install ZloOrigin • 4 • Run ZClient (After starting the program runs to tray - near the clock) Login with your email and password from http://zloemu.net click connect and wait to update and log us into system 4.1 ZClient - Zclient Download! • 5 • Start ZloOrigin , after start he should log in and immediately open. • 6 • Downloading
  6. Уважаемые участники! Сообщество ZloEmu&ZloGames Объявляет о начале открытого бета-тестирования Что от вас требуеться: Перейти в наш Discord https://discord.gg/KBUkG2c Ознакомиться с инструкциями по установке - в Дискорде Скачать и пробовать играть в Battlefield 4 premium На первом этапе, мы запустим 3 - сервера Battlefield 4 (в будущем будем расширять) Помните, возможны падения/отключения мастера В связи с его доработкой/обновлением Все основные вопросы задавать только в Discord-е! ZloEmu & ZloGames Community We are pleased to announce the launch of open beta BF4
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