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Found 13 results

  1. НА РУССКОМ IN ENGLISH Скачать этот адронный коллайдер (ну или лаунчер, как удобнее) Download this hadron collider (well, or a launcher, as convenient)
  2. Easy Launcher for Battlefield 3 & 4 & Hardline (EL) -Автоматический запуск ориджина(BF4, BF3 работает без него). -Установка в любое место. -Автоматическое обновление серверов. -Просмотр ротации карт. -Просмотр игроков на сервере.(убрал т.к мозолило глаза) -Красивый дизайн (Выглядит как Despo's BF3 , кто давно играет тот знает ). -Автозапуск Zclient (Для лучшего эффекта положить рядом с лаунчером). -Автоматически разворачивает игру (По желанию) . -Музыкальное сопровождение при загрузке игры (По желанию). -Адаптирован под русское сообщество (Английс
  3. Доброго времени суток. Ввиду катастрофической нехватки свободного времени, не могу закончить работу над лаунчером в одиночку. Если у тебя прямые руки в C# и WPF, и у тебя есть желание помочь, помоги. Уже почти доделана новая версия API, на базе которой и нужно будет построить новый лаунчер. Ибо сам я, на данный момент, не могу. И в одиночку продолжать работать работу не буду. Good day. Due to the catastrophic lack of free time, I cannot finish the work on the launcher alone. If you have well knowlage in C # and WPF, and you have a desire to help, help. A new version
  4. НА РУССКОМ IN ENGLISH Скачать этот адронный коллайдер (ну или лаунчер, как удобнее) Download this hadron collider (well, or a launcher, as convenient)
  5. ZloGamesLauncher Features: BF3 : ServersList - PlayersList - Campaign (Soldier stats under working). BF4 : ServersList - PlayersList - Campaign - Commander - Spectator - Soldier stats. BOT : You can add one server to bot and when you re run launcher this but will ask you if you want to join [Your selected server] or no. BFH : LOCKED NOW. BF1 : LOCKED NOW. Background music. Background video [BF3-BF4] You can change servers list and players list background color. Auto update for servers list and players list [bf4-bf3] , iam also add b
  6. I made this pretty useless thing but I thought I'd share it here anyway (idk if this is the right section). It was annoying having to open both "ZClient.exe" and "BF3Launcher.exe" individually every time I wanted to launch Battlefield 3 so I made a batch file to run both at the same time. It also detects if they're already running and will restart ZClient for you so you don't have to manually reconnect if it timed out (needs Autologin on). 1) Download the attached .bat file and put it in your Battlefield 3 folder. 2) Right-click the file and click Edit. Change these two addresses
  7. I have recently installed BF3 from ZLO and i followed the instructions to a T, installed everything required etc. and singleplayer works perfectly, but when i try launch the multiplayer, the "ZLO Launcher" window pops up, i put my ZLO account details in, and when I click "connect to master" it takes a little while then it says cant connect to master. how do i fix this ? am i doing anything wrong ?
  8. So , today I started Zcllient , logged in , then started Bf3 Launcher to play online , and when i select a server it shows me this Pls help
  9. Привет тем, это кто читает! В описании 34H Launcher, я написал что добавлю поддержку светлой темы. Внимание, вопрос! Нужна ли она? Напишите свое мнение. Так же, можете просто написать свои пожелания) Greetings to those who read it! In the 34H Launcher description, I wrote that I would add support for a light theme. Attention, a question! Is she needed? Write your feedback. As well, you can just write their wishes)
  10. I have made a new launcher for Zlo Battlefield 4. But when I click create topic, most of the options are gray color and I can't select anything. Please help.
  11. TEMPORARY NON CRASHING VERSION!!! DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/?cv1woi6qv2bopw5 STATS REMOVED. WILL IMPLEMENT FULL STATS FOR NEXT UPDATE: General stats, awards, weapons, vehicles, assignments. .NET Framework 4.6 REQUIRED! Features: Friendly Playstation3 like interface Filters Server sorting Login (remember mail and password) Sounds Auto login Favorite Servers Server History Showing servers hosted on LAN network Server Info including map rotation and server
  12. hi this is new version of zlo launcher play singleplayer and working 100% Mediafire : download for version you just need to paste this launcher in bf3 folder and login use zloemu account any problem send message thanks
  13. I'm no great developer, but this is a proof-of-concept. I generally develop in web-based languages, and this is my first true attempt at CSharp [C#]. Working on this alpha, and this was just a test to see if it is all working. Doing a redesign as we speak, as this was sloppily put together. Just thought I'd show you guys. Audio could become a thing once I add better settings.
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