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Found 105 results

  1. День начался прекрасно! Я встал, Почистил зубы, покушал.... Кхм... Короче) К проблеме... 1. Открыл лаунчер (By DESPO) 2. Выбрал сервер. 3. Нажал "ВОЙТИ" 4. Прождал примерно 5 минут. 5. Ничего не произошло... Уже обновил Кряк, удалил фаил лицензии, обновил Launcher.dll. Что делать с такой проблемой? P.S: Если такая тема уже была, то сорри, не заметил...
  2. Год назад я экспериментировал с настройками и столкнулся с такой проблемой как резкий упадок фпс. Я не понимал почему это произошло. И сегодня я сбросил настройки игры и опять игра начала сильно лагать. Попробовал найти файл Setting и удалить, но его я не нашел. Помогайте.
  3. Diequiri


    Смотрите! Всё установил, ДЛС, кряк, архивчик, лаунчер.длл и клиент! Запустил клиент залогинился! Выбрал сервер, нажал Run client! Клиент не открылся, тогда я решил сам его открыть через лаунчер, открыл, опять залогинился, выбрал мультиплеер, выбрал сервер нажал присоединится и тут короче такая проблемка! Пишет снизу Starting game и квадратик синенький то расплывчастый то нормальный, ну я подумал загрузка сервера но нет слшком долго уж, ну воообщем на скриншоте еще раз покажу! Помогите пожалуйста, ато очень хочется поиграть!
  4. This issue has been going on through numerous AMD drivers in the past month or two, and finally now on 13.9.2, still not working. I then literally opened the BF3 legit version for Origin and it works, so there is nothing in regards to overclocking, temps. Just in case out of curiosity, I have the XFX RX 480 GTR 8GB @ 1380MHz. And yes just in case you are wondering why I have the retail version and still playing the pirated version, is because of the progress and DLC since I reserved it especially for Venice Unleashed.
  5. I see lots of people with the pull back sniper and some other amazing sniper what is a good way to unlock one really fast .... i do not know any assignments i would like to know some thanks I only have 2 option with snipers there two AUTO snipers witch arent fun at all
  6. IZIS - International Zone of Illustrious Soldiers , is a clan that accepts anyone and everyone. We are just and not biased against anyone, we play for fun as well as competitive. - We are an open recruitment clan. BF3 Pro Clan is in Open Recruitment Rules: Have a Sense of humor- dont be a prude Have access to teamspeak Play as a team Hacks, Cheats, Glitching is forbidden .Respect each other Have fun...smoke a doobie. Clan Master: Bro Members: Apathy Doggy771 Kriyppler Mebadatkilling1 Teritua2606 got_u / Abdo IISalvatore Vonestoner Qyrid GreyHat Contact Us: Steam Accounts: Apathy_XV Kriyppler Doggy: danielg771 Clan site located here - http://izis.shivtr.com/ Check out our Twitch - http://www.twitch.tv/apathy_xv P.S. when using the ISIS clan tag you are agreeing to the Clan's Code of Conduct located here in the attachments. Code_of_Conduct.txt
  7. Hey Zlo team , i have an issue with my dogtags. i have completed life saver assignemets but i can't select it as a dogtag .. it was possible a few days earlier but now it's not.. help please.
  8. Here you can post links old music since 2000 but lower. To see how creative you. You can also write a top 10 songs that you like from that time. Not important gene. C mon... By Carl Cox
  9. Being a quite average player in BF3, never thought I would get the hackusations going on in a server for supposed "hackkid". Throughout my career of leveling up to colonel 100, this was the first time I was assumed for hacking. If there's any way to contact the Admin for hackusations, then that would be a pleasure. Keep rocking on ZLO community and have a great new year. Best Regards, acoolrocket
  10. So , hi guys , i'm new , i just wanted to play some ZloBF3 , and i got a error : i tried to fix this , but i couldn't , i downloaded the latest patches , many different launchers , current one too , i searched for this kinda error , i got nothing to help me ,... so if you guys can be nice and help me , i will apreciate this
  11. hi, i just came across this server (it was metro) and found out the admin of this server was using cheats, shooting from behind the walls, and hitting with a pistol in one shot from a long distance. please take some appropriate action against this server and the admin, THANKS p.s I am attaching the screenshot of the server name
  12. Hello everyone. I have been playing the game for long enough and works perfectly until someday it stopped working by itself for a reason that i do not know but the launcher is not saying bf3.exe caught,, Listening to it. it just says nothing but joining server and then shows nothing even single player is no longer working too i have everything updated but what is Zx32.dll? and how important it is ?? and if it really much important can someone upload it for me ? cuz i lost mine somehow and maybe it is the problem but i reinstalled my game worked perfectly before copying the zlo full client and then stopped working after copying it to game folder.
  13. Hello to all i would like to ask will be a problem if i register second account for playing battlefield 3 not for me but for my friend the thing is that we are going to setup 2 computer's in my room to play together and have fun so since i have registered one account from this IP some month's ago i dont like to get banned for having multiple accounts i won't use it but must register it from here and give to him to login we will be on same IP and i have router i hope and it would be nice if you can tell me is this okay or if your adminteam approve & agree to not suspend us both. Thank you very much.
  14. this hunted, Let her what she deserves... Type: 1 Shot Kill Server: 2 XP zloemu.org BR SERVER| Nick: RebornFcker
  15. Ban This dude -_- and why top-syria is unbanned
  16. hi [NOT AVAILABLE] I just converted c# codes to VB codes [[Download]] for any Dev using VB [Visual Basic] to create ZloLauncher this is the c# file by Bigworld12 [[Download]] for any Dev using C# [C Sharp] to create ZloLauncher
  17. Hi, i am very new in this forums, in fact i am new in the BF world. Just want to make a point. 1.- Usually pages eran money not only to live but to maintaining the site by the money they eran of their publicity, not of the donations. You only need a good strategy. hope the servers are soon online.
  18. Nickname: Brazooka2015 Nickname: teste-nobie Server: [BBS] BRAZIL BOOSTER | NOSHAHRTDM ONLY [2XP] kind of hack : ONE SHOT KILL Proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWXtdXrvPjo&
  19. Cheater nick : Isc-Squad Type hack : Speed hacker Server : BATLEFIELD VETERANS COALITITION -HC- ALL WEAPONS Proof : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUIxqleJwAY I joined this server to be able to relax and enjoy a good game but I came across this young man using a type of automated speed control, I think it was also using aimbot ... I took as a reference the previous post on the same type of cheater " http://zlogames.ru/index.php?/topic/4604/ ".
  20. Закинул сегодня все файлы. Сделал пробный запуск и лаунчер выдает ошибку. Вот скрин лога.
  21. VNSKA

    [FS] TEAM

    FORSAKEN TEAM Доброго времени суток всем! Клан [FS] рад принять в свои ряды бойцов готовых играть в команде. Чтобы вступить к нам в клан необходимо соответствовать некоторым нормам! 1.Возраст 17+ 2."Адекватность" 3.Наличие Теамспика и скайпа для связи. 4.Готовность играть в команде. 5.Желание играть. 6.Нормальный онлайн 7.И наличие чувства юмора. 8.K/D,У/С Соотношение убийств - 2.00 Состав команды. VNSKA 77RaZe77 Fakes/Фейки Invert Suvorov PalmDesert Teamspeak. Ип - Комната - [FS] Team Пароль - fors Мой скайп - rom4a1231 Если вы заинтересовались, то оставляйте заявку соответствующую нашим нормам! КЛАН РАСПАЛСЯ,ЗАЯВКИ НЕ ПРИНИМАЕМ.
  22. то может помогите с объяснениями.У меня есть лицуха origin Battlefield 3, Back to Karkand,есть скачанная от зло DCL premium.Теперь вопрос,могу я их скрестить и играть на лиц серверах и на зло серверах и будет ли у меня вся батла премиум. Вопрос 2,как это всё мне сделать,можете пошаговая дать разиеснения
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouEDuzaY9ZQ&list=UUgR4Y7wXmqTvUWgT_1ZMswA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKubXt8YCn0&list=UUgR4Y7wXmqTvUWgT_1ZMswA
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