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  1. But it always were the same bad internet, and crashes start happening from weeks ago, I've been here for a year and some and never had any troubles, besides lag, of course
  2. Could be bad internet, very regular situation in my country, packet loss getting 25% and sometimes even more than 40% making that even minesweeper unplayeable
  3. It start not too long ago, I start play normally, and suddenly the game close and zclient got disconected, the funny thing is that happens exactly 5 minutes, every time, it becoming annoying
  4. The first and second kills, those guys were tagged by someone else, you can see the tag even througth smoke, the last one is the weardest but non conclusive to me, that guy could has low hp
  5. Clever, he is using smoke so is hard to see where he is aiming, besides, how can you make hitmarkers appear in spectator??
  6. We are trying to add Commanders to a bf4 server, is that posible on zlo??? and what settings did I have to enable in the server??
  7. that server is not cuban, or at least is not host on Cuba, and they change they name from BF3 Ukraine to Bf3 Cuba, beside of the name, the admin was on my patrol xd, I thought that the admin was a guy that i got on nemesis lol, having a server and still someone with 200+ ping can kill more than you,
  8. Funny story, on BF3- Ukraine TDM server, got in, start play got a few kills and suddenly the admin writes me using the game anounce, tell me (in spanish) your ugly, we dont want your kind here (because im cuban) and ban me. Beside of that guy actitude and me lmfao, theres a way of report admin abuse here or just has to stay banned because the admin sucks at bf3, I dont have nice pings on bf3 and it was a good server for lay off some steam
  9. I was configuring OBS Studio with an input recording plugin and when I set the screen to record it crashed and closed the game. It happen on the Playground but I need to know if it is safe to use OBS without been banned
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