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  1. Okay, sorry if I sounded ignorant. You said reinstalling the game would work, right? I am not using the game version which was released by X-NET, I was trying to use another release. I will try to see if that one will work.
  2. This can't be the only way, right? Why does it need it a registry edit if other people can launch it just fine? I am trying to make this "portable", meaning switching it from computer to computer. Is there anyway I can do it without editing the Windows registry?
  3. I get an error while trying to join any server, saying that BF3 can't be found, while it's in the same folder as the game. Is this because I am using different version I got of Battlefield 3? I am trying to use that (it has all the DLCs and had an older version of zclient which i updated) with this launcher. Is that why it isn't working? Should I just download whatever version from the torrent on here?
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