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  1. You do great work. No rush, take care.
  2. Ok I'll use these new methods. However Zclient still crashes when run now. It completes the authentication then it just disappears. Any idea? (I need Zclient running to be able to connect)
  3. Actually no the archived threads didn't help at all (plus I don't speak Russian sadly and tried to translate some). Besides these are all new issues since the big new update.
  4. Wait... nvm going through the archived threads on this.
  5. Zclient: - Whenever I run ZClient the program just closes now. - It did work for a bit after the update though. Evonix's Launcher: - After the update for the time that Zclient was working, it said something about an invalid token whenever trying to connect to BF3 servers. It worked before the big update. Windows 10, .Net Framework 4.8
  6. It was about the servers crashing. Why doesn't your forum have a general BF3 discussion category?
  7. You really need assistance. Maybe the VU people can help? You're right about my launcher. It's outdated though it was working well for so long. It was Evonix's. And yes, the subforum for english discussion pertaining to BF3 is nonexistent lmao. That's my point. Try it.... -> English -> Battlefield 3 -> ??? No general topic category or capability in simply posting in the BF3 directory (I don't want to flood support channel with general BF3 related discussion) ... If I want to have specific open discussion about BF3, I'm forced to go to off topic. Last time
  8. DDOS? Special shutdowns from DICE/EA? What's going on, why are the good ones always unstable but the bad ones always up? Few care about TDM where you can't use all weapons because of some cry baby admin, or squad deathmatch or gunmaster. Good, normal, big conquest and Good TDM where anything goes at like 1000 kills on map rotation. It's very simple. Is there a problem with the zclient server side? I've noticed the BF3 client continually crashes 2 or 3 times before it works. Is this because the player client is dealing with the registration update bypass? Who is maintaining this and w
  9. Let's see how long it takes for this jerk to get banned for his blatant aimbot.
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