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  1. Hi, there is no point in this topic. I'm not looking for any reward of punishment or anything. I'm just sharing my experience with panda server owner i will translate one sentence of what he said he said " your pussy and people of sudan are shit"
  2. i dont use c4 on quads btw see u after 2 month, im glad i got gta v for free , bye
  3. no 1 respecc my gameplay 1 like = 1 respecc
  4. as for his first clip, when i took the heli from him, his friend it morter rammed me with his little bird till we both got destroyed and he took the attack heli next along with his friend therefore i was trying to get my heli back as it was taken forcefully from me as for the second clip, there is no proof that i was the one who put c4 under, i was merely trying to contest for heli spawn by standing at that position look at my clip what happened when i took heli from him, he stayed afk for a long time and didnt move from base , claiming some bullshit as an excuse for staying afk as i said i was recording admin if u think i am a pussy who will be bullied u are wrong if u want to be fair then u should look into my side of the story aswell ضربني و بكى . سبقني و اشتكى
  5. you see admin you never believe me when i tell you jgwen is also breaking rules him and his extended family of dodeman it morder kappald and lucifer who spawn kill at the base this jgwen think the atack heli belong to his father , when i contest him for it he tries to destroy it or goes afk but admin u never believe me when i tell you
  6. he also shot down my bombed bike (all my bombs exploded but bike remained intact) , + his constant swear and trash talking he deserves that 1 for 1
  7. I just wanted to let you know that many games have steamworks fix, which allow them to play multiplayer with other players with the same cracked version maybe you can let us know how you will make your steam emulator ?
  8. Hi, I want to say thank you for letting us play BF4 but I have a game suggestion for you maybe you can add it, the game name is MORDHAU its a medieval hack and slash game, you can youtube it. the game is cracked , and it has multiplayer cracked servers, but those servers are only half full at europe night times. and the cracked servers have no website, and no places (like discord) to gather to discuss the game so here I am, perhaps you can add MORDHAU to your list of games. everything is ready you just need to add a section for mordhau. along with BF3, BF4, BFH, sims, etc. mordhau is added . and thats it Thank you very much and I hope you consider growing your community by expanding your list of games
  9. hi, so in operation locker, only 2 shotguns are allowed per team, can you make it so that also only 2 snipers are allowed per team ? because everytime i play operation locker and end up in metro map and end up losing all 3 objectives, half of the team switches to sniper and we lose all hope of winning 1 sniper per team is perfect
  10. Hello, I just installed apex legends on origin, but when I start the game, it crashes after 20 seconds after starting the game, I was wondering if zlorigin or zlclient has anything to do with it , i checked task manager and zlorigin and zlclient are not running I want to say thank you so much for all your hardwork into making battlefield 4 free, and im looking forward to battlefield 5 and hardline, you guys are the best
  11. Thank you so much, i appreciate your help, and I will pray for u
  12. i was looking into this thread, and i was unable to find zinstallerbat. i have 80 gb space free in my hdd after the download
  13. Hello, Im really sorry for spamming, but i have tried to instal battlefield 4 on zlorigin, and it gave me this error https://ibb.co/jYeugk i saw a thread earlier where it told me to download zinstaller.bat, and do other steps, but i could not find it. I have installed zlorigin, and zclient, i open zclient first, login, then go zlorigin, i downloaded bf4, when it comes to install, it gives me the error. please help me
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