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  1. Thank you sir. Also we are wondering if there is a chance someone who plays regularly can apply to become admin on that server? A lot of the admins don't play much so people constantly get away with this stuff. I know someone who wants to become admin and I can message you their name if that's a possibility.
  2. Here's a few of the clips, thank you.
  3. Every single time I play Dijana-Al-Ansari just jet rams the entire game. I posted a video awhile back and he got a temporary 1 week ban. Fast forward a few weeks ago and again he gets a temporary ban for doing it while a Zlo dev was in the server. The dude still continues to jet ram, heli ram, and try anything possible to kill teammates. I have recordings of some of this stuff, including him putting c4 underneath where the heli spawns to flip it and blow it up. I can create another video if needed for evidence, but I feel like at this point anyone and everyone who plays on this server knows what he does. I can post the video clips if needed, but honestly this is never going to end with him and many of us just want him off the server. Thank you.
  4. I am unsure of where to post this video but it is occurring on Panda servers. [Abu]Dijana_Al_ansari constantly jet rams or uses the heli as a ram knocking out friendly vehicles and enemy vehicles. Everyone probably knows him because all he does is use vehicles rigged with explosives to blow up other vehicles, which is not against the rules, but when he constantly jet rams or heli rams that is against the rules. I'm posting a video of what I did capture, I should have started recording earlier. I can get more video if needed as this happens anytime I play and he is on. The first 1:50 of the video just shows the chat monologue and the rest shows the jet ramming that occurred.
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