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  1. Если это про VPN, то вот у меня с ним и проблемы, поэтому собственно и была создана эта тема. Есть ли какие-то варианты кроме VPN?
  2. I can't download DLC to Battlefield 3 via ZLOrigin due to the inability to connect to the cloud. Is it possible to choose another server or download the full version of Battlefield 3 without having to download DLC via ZLOrigin? Не могу докачать DLC к Battlefield 3 через ZLOrigin из-за невозможности подключится к облаку. Есть ли возможность выбрать другой сервер или скачать полную версию Battlefield 3 без необходимости докачивать DLC через ZLOrigin?
  3. Seymos


    Well it's pretty cool to get bans for not being able to handle the plane. I guess it will make entry level in jets that much higher. Where can I find out the duration of the ram ban?
  4. Seymos


    Looks dope. Okay, i guess he is not a hacker or something like that, but problem still ramains.
  5. Seymos


    I wouldn't be so skeptical if he hadn't get this scrore with attack heli while flying solo. I know what an attack helicopter is capable of and this is still looks shady as fuck. Anyway, people started leaving the server very quickly because of it. I was on [PL]KneeGears and I quit out because we for almost the entire round baseraped enemy side and there is no fun in that. So in the end people should be able to at least kick him and a player like him or the server will start to lose popularity. The regular server drops already causes a lot of problems, adding to this lack of votekick, as well as players due to which people leave the server en masse, and as a result, this all can become a critical problem quite quickly.
  6. Seymos


    Is there a telegram or discord for panda server? How to start voteban or votekick? There is [PL]KneeGears now on server with score like ~213-3 - whole server want him banned and dont know what to do(I dont know where to write it, so i'm writing it here).
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