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  1. admin Do you agree add 2 map in vote map pyycc tdm ? 1_( addAlborz Mountains TDM) only sniper 2_khark island tdm
  2. me too.This is isp problem(iran)
  3. @WaNdErEr_ROVER CAN add this maps ?[2XP] Pycckuu CEPBEP-ALL MAPS- 64 Players are very exciting.
  4. You are also a NOOB with Speed Hack creator SPEED HACK : NINETY_NINE (ESI) CLAN END https://www.aparat.com/v/Uhu0d FILE ZIP speed PASWORD: KOSKESH SEND TO : 1_suckrusthegreat (cyrusthegreat)+hawk clan 2_ph_reza_phantom noob is noob (triky64 ) from italy xddddddddddd You forgot? rape a** u?ME+Godfather +DEPO+RAZE+ACERommle7+DICE+XIAO_NIAo(WITH SU).....RAPE A** U dog style can ask for more information: instagram:@y0I0b0t98 (Esmaeel kermani) and @MoRe Tajik (kr4ken)
  5. I meant to be watched.like DBZAZALAR sepahbod Complete it.
  6. 1_KOTIK963 2_AIM 3_[2XP] Pycckuu CEPBEP>>NOSHAR CANALS & METRO<< 4_ping 50 need more proof+stat
  7. kill log normal Because a lot of server information.It's about minutes ago
  8. player Baned me by vote for shotgun 870_12g slug @WaNdErEr_ROVER @ShaurmaYo pls see chat
  9. @LUTERBACHER If you have no opinion delete it as usual
  10. 1_DBZAZALAR 2_oneshot and.... 3_[2XP] Pycckuu CEPBEP>>NOSHAR CANALS & METRO<< 4_ping 50 Accuracy : 4%
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