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  1. hello i am p0rnHub may i know what did you suspect in my gameplay to start such a topic about me? btw i remember you from the last game you cried alot and i got many nemesis bonus by Killing you mate :D
  2. a big thanks to zlo team for allowing us to play this wonderfull game when many of us struggled to get it..we made firends and we enjoyed some intense moments, unfortunatly the server where we use to play are dead and the great players we use to fight with or against are gone (banned or just left) so its not competitive anymore.. you guys have done a great job offering the game for the people without asking anything back and we greatfull for that.. its time to move on, but before we go lets trigger some people in here P.s in the following video : between the first nickname and the second nickname(tshirc my very first nickname in zlo years ago and TacticaL_Vagina the last one)there is over 40 accounts 99% of them banned by lugan_maks, i really lost the counting wish you guys all the best with the upcoming projects..good luck
  3. with all my respect to the owners and moderators of zlo project, this is exactly the main reason why zlo is losing players some admins are just jerks to ban people for been a pro jet pilots, or because they are better infantry players then them, i have many names on my head, ffs i saw a player getting banned for Killing an admin with defibrilator
  4. TacticaLVag

    Mad girls :D

    just post again the video you deleted from YouTube (AN94 FOREVER) and everyone will forgive you even archy please show us your skills, i would love to see that video again lel
  5. TacticaLVag

    Mad girls :D

    seriously how old are these guys?!
  6. OMG he closed his channel from YouTube for that one video what a funny iranian fella you are a new start huh? new face new name new account, but same no brain and 0 IQ for sure, next time when you record your gameplay turn off macro dont be a dumba$$
  7. lol iDC_REZA_ Fight3R is that you? you made new account and you came to report archer because you got busted using macro on your own video? so tell us all why you deleted this video from youtube? what are you ashamed from? https://www.youtube.com/watch?reload=9&v=4tdCmsngAj0 "this guy got caught on discord using auto clicker macro in his own video (such a funny fail :ROFL), now he got mad and came to report the guy who busted him"
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