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  1. i can t join server pyccku how now server ban me?
  2. hello i can t join [2XP] Pycckuu CEPBEP server
  3. I have solved this problem now my problem is i can't join pycckuu server help me!
  4. Hello i just installed windows and then i can't detect battlefield in Origin Do you have a solution? please help
  5. So can't block those who have VIP slots?
  6. what VIP solt? i try voteban for Prison_sex but they tell me he have VIP solt
  7. So can I record these moments that he kills me and can I look at as evidence and is this movie?
  8. How to detect bf3 (bf۳) cheats in game and get evidence to block them
  9. Hello there is someone in the game who is talking very badly to others and is always saying bad things in the chat. Is it possible to block this sort of person? It's called Atmosphere .. I can also take photos.
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